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Montreal, Canada’s avant-garde metal duo Disorientation returns with their sophomore EP Survival Mode to follow their 2021 self-titled debut. A more blunt and straightforward record than its predecessor, the 16-minute, 3-track EP bends extreme metal, noise, and hardcore influences at its will pushing the envelope with unorthodox vocal lines, odd structures, and dissonant oboe and English Horn arrangements to create a strong emotional reaction to reflect tactics for psychological survival in unpleasant situations. To introduce fans to the forthcoming record, Disorientation is unveiling the opening track ‘Dissociation’. The musical extremes from this song reflect the coexistence of harshness and vulnerability that dissociation can create between oneself and surroundings. The band comments on the track: “As soon as we started writing ‘Dissociation’, we knew this was the ideal opener for the EP. Contrary to the opening song ‘Break Down’ from our previous effort, ‘Dissociation’ does not waste any time and starts moving right from the start. It was the ideal song to showcase first because it encompasses the wide range of musical and style elements that make up the Disorientation sound.”

Fragment Soul has embarked on an exciting journey, sealing a remarkable partnership with Wormholedeath for the reissue of their album, Galois Paradox, a masterpiece of poetic darkness and musical brilliance. The album is set to re-enter the world on February 23, 2024. Characterized by a profoundly mysterious and dark sound that beautifully merges with the enchanting depths of progressive metal, Fragment Soul is not your everyday band. For a captivating glimpse into the melancholic beauty of Fragment Soul, check out their music video for ‘Eternal Night in Death’ below.

Modern metal formidable force Conspiracy of Blackness is proud to unveil their spellbinding and emotionally charged dual-track spectacle, ‘Oblivion / Rise.’ Directed by the visionary Raoul Noise from Novarolfilm, this cinematic journey plunges audiences into a realm where the ethereal meets the intense—a world where ‘Oblivion’ delicately caresses the senses while ‘Rise’ commands with raw, visceral power. In this visually captivating narrative, the songs entwine seamlessly, transcending the boundaries between dreams and reality. Nightmares materialize into a dark and mystical universe, echoing the profound depth of human emotion. “The intertwined melodies of ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Rise’ echo our deepest fears and unleash the fury of inner demons,” shares the band. “These tracks are a raw reflection of the relentless battles against insecurities and the shadows that haunt our daily lives.”

Rock band New Years Day is excited to announce their 5th studio album, Half Black Heart, is set to be released on March 1, 2024. The band has also today shared their new song ‘Secrets’. About the new song, Ash Costello says: “’Secrets’ is about something I feel we have all been through at some point. With this song, I started by confronting myself with the question, “What is truly disturbing me right now?”. The answer that echoed in my mind was simple yet profound: secrets. We’ve all experienced that unsettling sensation when we sense that someone close to us is concealing something. It’s an intuitive feeling that gnaws at our core, leaving us with a sinking sensation in our stomachs. The weight of these hidden truths can be enough to bury you. This song serves as a realization that enough is enough.”

Get ready for a thrilling symphonic metal journey as the talented Beyond God sets its sights on a remarkable musical horizon. This Dutch sensation has signed a deal with Wormholedeath for their highly anticipated album The Great Divide, slated for release on December 8. The magic begins with the release of their latest single, ‘A Siren’s Cry,’ a spellbinding composition that will immerse you in the rich tapestry of the band’s symphonic metal.

Faithful truth seekers Dogma have celebrated the release of their self-titled debut album with a new video for album track ‘Made Her Mine’. The video sees frontwoman Lilith seduce a young nun; enveloping her in passion. Frontwoman Lilith says, “On our debut album, we unveil a raw and unapologetic narrative, shedding light on the struggle against imposed faith, unfair censorship, and the liberation from illogical beliefs. It’s a journey through lost innocence and a rebellion against archaic constraints. ‘Made Her Mine,’ depicted in our music video, is a bold statement, capturing the defiance against societal norms. It’s about breaking free, embracing our truth, and challenging the restrictions imposed upon us.” [via Metal Planet]

SKARLETT RIOT have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Hold Tight’, is the brand new single from the UK alternative metal band and follows on from their previous single, ‘Chemicals,’ which was released back in August. Speaking about the new single, the band says, “we are excited to bring you our 2nd new single this year ‘Hold Tight’. It’s ok not to be ok, ‘Hold Tight’ expresses the importance of speaking up about how we truly feel, reaching out to someone when times get tough and how no one should feel they have to face their problems alone.” [via Distorted Sound]

Escuela Grind, arguably one of the hardest working acts in all of metal, is back with a new EP dubbed DDEEAATHHMMEETTAALL due out January 12. The EP was mixed by Kurt Ballou (High On Fire, Gatecreeper, etc.), mastered by Nick Townsend (Cheap Trick, Dr. Dre), and even features a guest spot from Napalm Death vocalist Barney Greenway on the song ‘Meat Magnet’. In the meantime, you can get your head torn the fuck off by ‘Ball And Chain’. The single features a video directed by Michael Jari Davidson (Alice In Chains) and recorded at a recent festival performance in Mexico City. “DDEEAATHHMMEETTAALL is the third installment of our EP series where we dive into the genres that most influence this band,” said Escuela Grind vocalist Katerina Economou. “Finishing this trilogy has been years in the works. We are so excited to release these songs as they are perhaps the best reflection of our live performance. The stage has honed these hectic songs to perfection. Originally we were going to have three songs on this EP, but we wanted to create another track that had a huge buildup. This eventually developed into this brutal song, ‘Ball and Chain’, that marks the point in our live shows where we have a wall of death every night. Lyrically, it references death metal tropes of murder and revenge, but with a decidedly feminine angle.” [via Metal Injection]

Heriot have announced their signing to worldwide metal powerhouse Century Media, and they’re celebrating by dropping a disgustingly heavy new song called ‘Soul Chasm.’ Like the tracks on their 2022 EP, Profound Morality (released via Church Road Records), this new one contains volcanic cascades of HM-2 guitar riffs, devilish metalcore howls and a pulverizing groove that recalls the mechanized attack of Godflesh’s Streetcleaner. “‘Soul Chasm’ illustrates the internal struggle for peace, revealing our tendency to be unkind to ourselves and how the fear of failure can dim the vibrancy of our existence,” the band said in a press release. [via Revolver]

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