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Montreal, QC’s Sanguine Glacialis (ft. members of Valfreya, the Growlers Choir, The Monster Factory) have revealed the first single ‘Welcome’ from their forthcoming album Maladaptive Daydreaming planned for release later this year to follow the band’s 2018 record Hadopelagic. Influenced by a vast array of musical styles such as jazz, classical, folk, symphonic, death, and black metal, the new full-length is a concept record about mental illness and an imaginary world that lives in the head of its main character, a subject that opens the door to many, many different ideas on the album. ‘Welcome’ is a track with many different surprises and invited guests. It sets the world in which the concept record takes place. It’s the perfect representation of what’s to come from their new album Maladaptive Daydreaming. The single starts with a clean intro with the violin, then switches to a catchy gang vocals chorus. There’s a saxophone and a guitar solo, and it ends with a brutal breakdown. “‘Welcome ‘ is about the imaginary world calling for the lead character, but that world is not as fun and fulfilling as it may seem,” says Maude Théberge (Vocals, Keyboard & Violin).

Newfoundland, Canada’s CATEGORY VI will be releasing their new album Firecry toward the end of March via Moribund Records, and in lead up to it earworming its way to fans along with celebrating International Women’s Day that passed earlier this week, the quartet is sharing their next single ‘Valkyries’. “This song is about sexism and misogyny and my own personal experiences with this. Being told to shut up my whole life backfired. LOL 🙂 It’s about sisterhood and banding together like a bunch of powerful Valkyries against the assholes in the world!” says vocalist Amanda Marie Jackman.

LAKE MALICE have released a new music video. The new music video, for the tack ‘Stop The Party’, is the brand new single from the alt metal duo and follows on from their previous single, ‘Black Turbine’, which was released in November last year. The new song was produced and mixed by Grammy Award-nominated producer Romesh Dodangoda [BRING ME THE HORIZON, NOVA TWINS, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE]. The new single intends to reflect vocalist Alice Guala’s experience dealing with social anxiety and depression in a post-pandemic world. “When things went back to normal, I felt like there was a veiled expectation for people to catch-up on social events – from birthday parties to gigs and festivals,” she explains. “As a person who suffered with anxiety and depression most of her adult life, it was extremely difficult to switch my social skills back on, and that’s when my depression reached its lowest points (hence wanting to “stop the party”, where the party represents life).” The zombie-riddled music video which accompanies the track was inspired by The Last Of Us, as the series started airing when the band were putting together the storyboard for the clip. Guala says, “we knew we wanted the video to be a party, but then we added the zombie element to represent that feeling of unease and anxiety you can easily get, being in a social setting. So yeah, it turned out to be a zombie party.” [via Distorted Sound]

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