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Newfoundland, Canada’s CATEGORY VI have gathered ‘The Coven’ in celebration of release day for their new album Firecry out now via Moribund Records. “Bassist Keith Jackman wrote this song, and is his first lyrical contribution 🙂 This song is about our band seducing people into our witch lair and all of a sudden it turns into an oven, we essentially want to eat you up!” adds the band.

IGNEA have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Dunes’, is taken from the Ukrainian melodic modern metal band’s upcoming new album, Dreams Of Lands Unseen, which is scheduled to be released in April this year. Speaking about the new song, vocalist Helle Bohdanova says, “we continue telling the story of the amazing Ukrainian travel writer and photographer Sofia Yablonska who lived in the XX century. ‘Dunes’ is inspired by her adventure to the Sahara Desert. On this dangerous journey, Sofia’s driver fainted from the intense heat, so she had to take charge of driving and also fix the overheated engine herself. Their troubles didn’t end there, as they also had to escape from hostile locals who tried to shoot them. Our song describes how Sofia saw a mirage, so common in the desert. In our version, instead of imagining palm trees and an oasis, she saw the chilly Carpathian mountains with pine trees and rainfalls…” [via Distorted Sound]

Swedish dark symphonic metal powerhouse ELEINE have the world at their feet. Not only are they setting stages on fire as support band of KAMELOT‘s current European tour, but they are also pleased to unveil details of their fourth full-length album. Appropriately titled We Shall Remain, ELEINE‘s highly-anticipated new opus — which marks their first full-length release through new label home Atomic Fire Records after starting their cooperation with an acoustic EP in October 2022 — will be released on July 14. As appetizer, the band have unveiled a first digital single off the record, ‘We Are Legion’ alongside a music video. An instant hit delivering chuggy riffs, an empowering chorus and ELEINE‘s signature battle vibe. “The song is our way of honoring our fans,” the band explain. “They have named themselves the “ELEINE Legion” and they have been with us through thick and thin. They have shown us their dedication time and time again, so this song came naturally to us when we started the writing process of our upcoming album »We Shall Remain.« This is truly a Legion song to and for our fans. As a reminder of your own worth, to feel empowered and that you’re not alone!” [via All About the Rock]

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