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Here we will be sharing the unmissable new tracks from some of the most exciting up and coming artists in music right now on the roster at Liberty Music PR

Velvet Two Stripes – ‘The One’
Velvet Two Stripes, the powerful rock trio, have made a roaring comeback with their latest pulsating single ‘The One’. This electrifying track marks the beginning of their upcoming album, which is set to drop in October. The band has managed to bring a new edge to their sound, while still staying true to their gritty and unapologetic roots.

Alex Maes & the Connection – ‘YOU’
Alex Maes & The Connection have released their debut EP, The People We Thought We Knew. This four-track compilation explores the intricacies of human relationships, delving into the complexities of our connections with others as well as with ourselves. With their unique style that combines R&B sounds, jazz melodies, and funky rhythms, Alex Maes & The Connection seamlessly blend various genres in their production and performance.

SeineSation – ‘Birdcage’
The up-and-coming alternative pop artist, SeineSation, has recently unveiled her latest EP, Glimpse, featuring four tracks. One of them, ‘Birdcage’, is a touching tribute to the challenges of discovering oneself and finding direction in life. With her introspective and contemplative lyrics, SeineSation’s music is sure to strike a chord with anyone navigating similar struggles.

Courtney Hadwin – ‘That Girl Don’t Live Here’
18-year-old English singer Courtney Hadwin has become a household name following her impressive runs on both The Voice Kids and the 13th season of America’s Got Talent on NBC. Her new single ‘That Girl Don’t Live Here’ is a prime example of Courtney’s work – Showcasing her soaring lead vocals through infectiously catchy melodies over a vibrant, strikingly bright, energetic, and fluorescently fun jazz-infused pop soundscape.

Koto Kill – ‘Téléphone Party’
London based, Somerset-raised Gabriel Ralls (A.K.A KOTO KILL) fits the classic “small town boy” paradigm – but defies expectation with big ideas and an eclectic approach to music. Promoting the release of his latest musical endeavour, ‘Téléphone Party’ is an exciting yet unpredictable glimpse into Koto Kill’s latest album entitled Fromage Et Fashion.

Tess Posner – ‘Black Cloud’
Alternative singer-songwriter Tess Posner has returned with her latest offering, ‘Black Cloud,’ an ethereal alt-pop single. The track is an exploration of rebirth after enduring trauma or mental health struggles, namely depression. Posner’s notable piano melodies carry the track, mesmerizing listeners in slower verses while atmospheric synths, cinematic strings, and invigorating drum beats build up to a rejuvenating chorus.

Tamara Dos Santos – ‘Feelin’ Good’
Rising songstress Tamara Dos Santos makes her highly anticipated return, as she unveils her alluring new R&B single ‘Feelin’ Good’. The new single channels her dreamy soul and R&B vibes with meaningful lyrics and unforgettable vocals that she’s best known for.

GILSKA – ‘Don’t Need Your Love’
London-born, Sri Lankan-originating solo artist Gilska shares the pulsing new single ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ a unique blend of tight electronic music and pop tendencies to create an intense alternative-electronic-pop sonic experience. Punching beats pull the bright soundscapes of modulated synths, layered arpeggiators and cutting vocal samples to create a danceable, 80s influenced electronic soundscape. Topped with Gilska’s ever infectious, silky, breathy lead vocals, the track is given a melodic central hook reinforced by the relatable, melancholic-yet-defiant lyricism.

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