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Here we will be sharing the unmissable new tracks from some of the most exciting up and coming artists in music right now on the roster at Liberty Music PR

Ridi – ‘Merry Go Round’
Exploring themes of personal growth and the circular nature of life, Ridi returns with another thought-provoking release with ‘Merry Go Round’. Featuring a fusion of pop sensibilities and traditional bhangra rhythms, Ridi’s style is one-of-a-kind.

Mikaila Murphy – ‘Bad Bitch Energy’
Mikaila Murphy has returned with an empowering new track ‘Bad Bitch Energy’. Flaunting 80s synths and silvery vocals, the ethereal new track encompasses what Mikaila is all about: confidence, style and passion.

The Wattles – ‘The Wrong Idea’
Australian indie band The Wattles have recently unveiled their stunning new single ‘The Wrong Idea’. Written by lead singer Lucy after a period of reflection during the consent awareness movement in Australia and overseas, the track faces important themes head on through stark vocals, moving lyrics and a brooding soundscape.

Gilksa – ‘Up Till 5’
London-born, Sri Lankan-origin Gilska drops melancholic house track ‘Up Till 5,’ weaving moody and mysterious vibe led by layers of electronic instrumentation and her husky vocal quality.

Analise – ‘trust me’
Singer-songwriter Analise is back with a brand new single ‘trust me’. Acoustically driven and melodically flowing from the off, ‘trust me’ is both vulnerable and shows a real authenticity to Analise.

Spring Silver – ‘Little Prince’
Spring Silver’s latest single ‘Little Prince’, off of their sophomore LP I Could Get Used To This, now has a dreamy music video to accompany it. The video’s production draws upon the well-developed visual arts background of the band’s founder K Nkanza. It captures the track’s vibrant energy in its myriad of bright colors, and emphasizes Spring Silvers’ eccentricities through warped effects, sharp cuts, and fabulous makeup.

AMIRAH – ‘Silently’
AMIRAH is an independent artist with a talent for writing infectious tunes and relatable narratives. Being the avid storyteller that she is, the LA-based singer, who is originally from Malaysia, is greatly influenced by real-life experiences and hardships, where the majority of her inspiration derives from, allowing her to invoke strong emotions within her listeners, as can be heard on her brand-new single ‘Silently’.

Nikki Taylor – ‘Fake Luv’
Nikki Taylor (aka Nikki Taylor Vibe) is a US recording artist based in Manhattan, NYC. Keen to capitalise on her rising status and growing momentum, Nikki has unveiled her captivating new single, ‘Fake Luv’. The track will inspire confidence within listeners for its empowering lyrical themes about discovering self-worth.

saachisen – The Gap
Singer-songwriter saachisen (real name Saachi Sen) is back with her new single ‘The Gap’. Born in India and raised in London, Saachi is an electronic engineering grad and a strong advocate for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). An agnostic ex-chapel-chorister with influences from classical to electronic-pop, Saachi’s wide reaching love of different musical genres serve to shape her unique alternative-pop sound.

Rasha Jay – ‘Saturate’
New Jersey based, Maryland born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rasha Jay has just released her new album Muscle Memory. The album’s lead single and standout ‘Saturate’ is a prime example of this style, dripping with soulful musicality as layers of interweaving guitar lines dance over a shuffling mix of live and electronic beats, deep bass, organs and subtle synths creating a driving yet melancholic and atmospheric backdrop.


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