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Los Angeles duo KRASHKARMA is unveiling their latest single ‘Survive The Afterlife’ accompanied by a music video in support of their forthcoming album Falling To Pieces due out on June 23 via Rockshots Records. The song is about whether heaven or hell really exists, or if they’re just inventions made by those who can benefit from them. The band explains the track further: “These lyrics are about a fictional character who dies and enters the afterlife, only to be rejected by “heaven” and then sent to a place with all the sinners and whores. However, he was also rejected by this “hell” and returns to the living world. The message is that we are all human and no one is good enough to deserve heaven or bad enough to burn in hell. We all share the same fate and should focus on being the best version of ourselves here on Earth. The song touches on themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the search for meaning after death.”

Following last month’s lead single ‘Anti-Fetish,’ Vexed have now unveiled the next track from their upcoming album Negative Energy. The band’s new one goes by the very emo name ‘X my <3 (Hope to die)’, but given this is Vexed it’s naturally another crushingly heavy rager with a sinister accompanying video. And Vexed reveal that this song in particular was the “catalyst” for Negative Energy as a whole… “After months of writer’s block and feeling like giving up, this song opened the floodgates for inspiration and creativity,” the band say. “Inspired by the victims of religious extremists, cults or abuse of power, this song is about how one person shouldn’t be able to dictate other people’s lives based on their own personal opinions.” [via Karrang!]

After successfully dropping their second album and label debut, Nightfall, in January 2022, followed by extensive touring with Annisokay, Emil Bulls and Cypecore, German metalcore upstarts SETYØURSAILS aren’t slowing down – offering another special treat with their brand-new standalone single ‘Best of Me’, out now. On this intense new offering, the Cologne-based outfit led by vocalist Jules Mitch skillfully balances beautiful melodic and fierce heavy parts, leading to an intense breakdown. ‘Best of Me’ is underlined via an intense official music video, capturing the song’s essence and attitude in the best way. With a new visual surrounding the song, it also represents the next chapter in the band’s history and keeps the anticipation high for everything that is about to come. Jules Mitch on ‘Best of Me’L “With ‘Best of Me’, we herald a new era for SETYØURSAILS. We have once again unconsciously pushed the boundaries of different genres in search of our sound and our soul. We hope that with this single we can get the necks headbanging and the venues shaking. Same as our last album, Nightfall, ‘Best of Me” also tells of my personal struggle with depression and the daily challenges that come with it. I hope that people can identify with this track and I wish everyone who struggles with mental health a lot of strength and power!” [via Rock n Load Mag]

Japan’s Nemophila recently wrapped up a triumphant U.S. tour, having previously made their mark on this side of the Pacific by playing 2022’s Aftershock festival. Now, the Tokyo-based metal rising stars — who count Arch Enemy, Slipknot and Dream Theater among their influences — have commemorated the trek and their return home with a new single, ‘Night Flight,’ a shreddy earworm not far flung from Babymetal’s poppy sound, and the song’s accompanying performance video. “This is a song we’ve been playing live for some time, but have not recorded or released it until now,” Nemophila singer and founder mayu commented of the new single. “Please take a look at the video, as well, as it does a great job capturing the spirit of the song.” [via Revolver]

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