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Italian alternative metal band Violet Blend have just dropped a new collaboration with Virginia post-metalcore vocalist Tired Violence. The result is a powerful new hard rock ballad entitled ‘My Head Is Broken’. The collaboration between these two powerhouse voices is nothing short of spectacular, leaving listeners spellbound from start to finish. Lead singer and composer Giada Celeste Chelli’s vocals are the driving force behind ‘My Head Is Broken,’ with her emotive delivery bringing an intense level of vulnerability to the track. Her voice soars and dips throughout the song, perfectly conveying the pain and anguish that the lyrics describe. But it’s the addition of Tired Violence’s guest vocals that takes this track to the next level. His aggressive, raw vocal style provides a perfect counterpoint to Chelli’s more delicate approach. The two voices intertwine seamlessly, creating a powerful and captivating dynamic that draws listeners in and refuses to let go.

Spanish melodic death metal act Worth has just released their second single, ‘Chased,’ from their upcoming self-titled album set to release via Wormholedeath Records. ‘Chased’ is a breathtaking musical journey that takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster through its strong lyrics and powerful melodies. The track describes the devastating effects of war and the emotional toll it takes on those involved, as well as the conflicting motivations of power, honor, and greed that drive individuals to engage in violence.

Hailing from Kansas, THEY WATCH US FROM THE MOON have landed to present their new single ‘MOAB’ taken from the upcoming magnum opus Cosmic Chronicles: Act 1, The Ascension. The new record will be released on May 5 via New Heavy Sounds. The band comment, “Alien abduction, bases on the Moon and all things Sci-Fi weave through the entire album. As with all science fiction, the story leads into a conversation about what path of destruction humans put themselves on to arrive to the future in such a fantastical way. ‘Mother Of All Bastards’ was written as a reflection of that in our times. The lyrical imagery paints a very dower picture of a future yet to come and our inability to stop it.”

Swiss trance metal and melodic death metal sensation RAGE OF LIGHT is proud to present their latest single, ‘Upriser.’ This powerful track showcases the band’s unique blend of melodic death metal and trance elements, creating a captivating and unforgettable sound. RAGE OF LIGHT has also revealed a breathtaking music video for ‘Upriser,’ filmed atop the stunning Dent de Vaulion mountain in Switzerland. Directed by Jonathan Pellet, the video perfectly complements the track’s powerful sound. The song was mixed and mastered by Thomas ‘Drop’ Betrisey, known for his work with Samael and Sybreed. Singer Martyna Halas shares her excitement for the release: “Uprisers! It’s time to reveal some brand new music and give you a glimpse of where Rage Of Light is heading. As we continue to live in challenging times, we do hope that this song will uplift you and give you the courage to stand for what’s right. We hope you’re as excited as we are — stay tuned as we unleash more surprises this year!”

Los Angeles’ KRASHKARMA is ready to unveil new material with their 6th studio album entitled Falling To Pieces coming June via Rockshots Records. Now, the duo presents their first single and the album’s title track accompanied by a music video. The song’s riff is reminiscent of the band IN FLAMES. It starts with a hard-hitting intro, followed by a short half-time verse, and then ends in a bittersweet chorus. When the duo is on tour in the US, they often drive long distances at night and to stay awake, they like to listen to Melo-Death Metal, and that has left its mark on them. The band adds about the track: “‘Falling To Pieces’ starts off with a melodic heavy riff and within 60 seconds it showcases all the elements that create the monster known as KRASHKARMA. The lyrics describe the feeling of being lost in darkness, with the protagonist floating somewhere between the stars. They feel like they are slowly falling apart and that their darkness is growing. Like a sense of falling over the edge and being unable to turn back, with the gravity that once held them down no longer working. The song ends with crossing over into the unknown and fading away, like a star in the sky.”

Denver-based alt punk newcomers HRZN share their latest single and music video for new track, ‘Wonderland’. For fans of theatrical, atmospheric alt-pop and former emo kids who watched Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me To Life’ music video far too many times, the track follows an Alice In Wonderland-like main character fighting a battle against themselves. The track pairs with a music video consisting of the members dressing up as medieval characters inside a castle in the snow. Attempting to find their way out, the metaphor of getting lost inside your mind comes to life before finally freeing themselves of the mental shackles. Fronted by a non-binary femme, “Wonderland” was created post panic attack as a way of grounding, with the hopes that the listeners could identify with the song to feel less alone when dealing with their mental health struggles. The band, who all have their individual battles with mental health (or as they like to call it, they’re neurospicy), aim to shatter the stigma and open healthy dialogues around mental health.

Ghent, Belgium-based doom metal band Predatory Void have released a music video for the track ‘Funerary Vision’. Directed by Dehn Sora, the clip can be viewed below. Predatory Void issued debut full-length studio album Seven Keys To The Discomfort Of Being on April 21 through Century Media Records. [via Metal Force Mag]

IGNEA have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Incurable Disease’, is taken from the Ukranian melodic metal band’s new album Dreams Of Lands Unseen, which is out now via Napalm Records. Speaking about the new song, the band comment, “This particular song is not related to any pandemic or real illness. Rather, it is an ode to Sofia‘s admiration for the sea, inspired by her frequent voyages by various types of vessels, from small boats to huge luxury liners. Sofia found the mechanics of these boats, the crew’s workings, and the sheer beauty of the waters to be captivating. The song’s lyrics speak from both Sofia’s perspective and my own, as I too share a profound affection for the sea that I liken to an “incurable disease.” In fact, I’m even in the process of creating a sea-themed tattoo sleeve on my right arm to showcase my devotion to all things maritime.” [via Distorted Sound]

Forty five years young, British hard rock royalty Girlschool come out swinging with their 14th studio album WTFortyfive?, a deliciously dirty declaration that age is a number that shows how much real raw attitude you have when it really counts. WTFortyfive? is set for release on July 28 via Silver Lining Music. Lead single ‘Are You Ready?’ sets the pace; a racy, raunchy, fun-saturated shape-shifter co-written with Alcatrazz‘s Joe Stump that shows Girlschool‘s leathers may still carry the well-baked battle scars of decades gone by, but their songs and attitude are as fresh, fun, heavy and catchy as ever before. [via Metal Planet]

Ferocious four-piece Saint Agnes have unveiled ‘Animal’, the second single / video taken from new album Bloodsuckers, set for release on July 21 via Spinefarm. Vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Kitty A. Austen commented “‘Animal’ is about waving your freak flag high, it’s about being who you authentically are inside and revelling in it. It’s a song for the misfits who boldly walk a different path with pride.” [via Metal Planet]

Degrees Of Truth has released a video for ‘Flightmare’, first single taken from the new album Alchemists to be released on June 23 through Scarlet Records. [via Metal Planet]

Rock band PLUSH returns with a brand new single, entitled ‘Left Behind,’ which showcases the band’s heavier side. ‘Left Behind’ was recorded in Nashville with producers Zac Maloy, Blair Daly and Kile Odell, and is out now via Pavement Entertainment. Lead vocalist Moriah Formica belts outs a fierce and aggressive range with vocal lines such as “We’re the cast-outs of society, one big, twisted family.” The ferocious riffs, down tuned guitars, and over the top vocals make this a rock anthem to be reckoned with. Formica says, “This song was written for anyone who has ever felt like an outcast or a misfit.” PLUSH also has a new video available for ‘Left Behind,’ which was filmed in the historic Sterling Hill Mine in Ogdensburg, NJ. The dark setting complements the overall mood of the song, featuring eye-catching visuals of the band members’ dynamic performance. It was directed by Dale Resteghini of Raging Nation Films and edited by George Lambriodes of LUXANGELES/STUDIOS. [via Metal Planet]

Having refined their broody, mesmerizing vision of gothic/symphonic metal to cinematic levels, with three EPs and a full-length album behind them, BLACKBRIAR continue to set their sails towards the future. The Netherlands based band are currently working towards their second full-length album, accompanied by long-time collaborator, Joost van den Broek. Today, the band have released a brand-new song titled ‘My Soul´s Demise’. Vocalist Zora Cock stated about the new song: “My Soul’s Demise is a song about love and pain, where you’re willing to do anything for the one you love, no matter what, even if that means that it will destroy you in the meantime. Yet sometimes you wonder, would that person do the same for you? It’s inspired by the medieval practice of sin-eating, a ritual where mourning families hired a sin eater to consume their loved ones’ sins. The sin eater would eat food left on the dead person’s chest. The food was believed to have absorbed the deceased’s lingering sins. Sin eaters were paid next to nothing for their service, they were reviled, and seen as filthy people, full of sins. Villagers even avoided looking them in the eye. I learned about the sin-eater when watching an episode of Outlander, where a sin-eating ritual got introduced. Now it gets a bit more personal. While reading about the sin-eating ritual, and writing the lyrics, it reminded me of a story my dad once told me. A long time ago, my dad suffered from psychosis and was admitted to a psychiatric clinic. He told me a lot about his experiences, what it was like, and how his mind worked at that moment. He thought he was the devil incarnate, possessed by something dark, and he felt like everyone felt his evil presence as he walked by, everyone would flinch away from him. This made me write the bridge of the song “No one can even look me in the eye, everybody is flinching away from me as I pass by”. Somehow the story of a medieval sin-eater reminded me exactly of the way my dad explained how he felt, as if he had consumed the world’s sins and darkness. I read about the last known sin eater of England as well, which was a very heartfelt story. His name was Richard Munslow, and he died in 1906. It is believed that the tragic loss of four of his children at very early ages that died within one week may be the reason he resurrected the macabre ritual. This made me write the song from the perspective of willing to do anything for the ones you love. The songwriting process of My Soul’s Demise went pretty fast. After writing the lyrics, I recorded some of my vocal ideas a cappella. This is how we mostly start writing a new song. I then sent it to René, with a note saying that it sucks and that he could probably throw it in the bin right away. Haha! Luckily he didn’t throw it away, and he actually liked what he heard, and made the basics for the song that same night. We brought the draft version of the song to our producer Joost van den Broek, and worked on it some more. Another instrumental part was added, so I needed to come up with some more vocals for that extra part. This was the more ‘quiet’ bridge part where I am doing some weird stuff. I wanted to do something with my voice as if I just consumed so many sins that I couldn’t handle it anymore, as if it had taken over my body, sort of possessed, and got inspired by Anna von Hausswolff. We shot the music video at a medieval 12th-century church in the north of the Netherlands, and it took us two days to shoot it all. I always get fascinated by the atmosphere of standing in such an old building, shooting this video there felt perfect and so fitting. We were very lucky to be able to get all the freedom and time to be creative. Another thing that was perfect, is that the whole band portrayed a role in this story, even our ex-bass player Frank. Frank played the corpse, and it felt like we held a funeral for his bass-playing years for Blackbriar, celebrating the awesome time we spent together. A symbolic farewell. For this video we needed some extra actors to witness the ritual. We opened up a casting call to my Patrons, so the people you see sitting in the benches are all Patrons. But not only Patrons, you can also see my parents! For me, the video story itself was more challenging than other videos we did so far. I can say that I gave it my all, and I hope that you feel something when watching it. It’s one of the more personal songs of the album.” [via Metal Planet]

Rock artists Janet Gardner and Justin James have released ’85,’ the second song from their upcoming album, No Strings. True to its name, ’85’ conjures up memories of ‘80s rock anthems, featuring catchy guitar hooks and a driving rhythm that pair well with Gardner’s vocals. Gardner and James have also released the video for ’85.’ Directed by Tyler Walter and filmed at the Vixen Theatre in McHenry, IL, this video showcases a dynamic performance that makes viewers feel as if they are in the crowd, seeing the rock duo perform live. [via Metal Planet]

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