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Conquer Divide have revealed new song ‘the INVISIBLE,’ taken from their upcoming new album Slow Burn, which will be released on September 8 via Mascot Records. “‘the INVISIBLE’ has many lived-in, emotional layers that paint a picture that takes you right back to your youth, especially if you are part of an alt scene and made to feel like an outcast,” the band explains, offering insight into the song. “It confronts the dynamic between your true self and your desire to be accepted by the ‘cool kids.’ One day, you realize that you don’t need to seek validation from those in a sad state of affairs. They project their insecurities onto others because they lack emotional maturity and self-esteem.”

Gloom and heartbreak take a glossy, anthemic turn with the brand new single ‘Misery’ out now via Greyscale Records from beloved alt-rockers The Beautiful Monument. Following on from the group’s previous 2023 single, the razor-sharp electronicore delight ‘Hellbound,’ ‘Misery’ oscillates with lush and ominous synths, prowling, stripped-back verses and soaring choruses, before building to a salient breakdown as Lizi Blanco declares “I deserve better”. “’Misery’ is a theme song for those who are completely oblivious to their one-sided relationships. It is the painful reality of a profound sense of loneliness that an individual begins experiencing when their ‘perfect relationship’ begins to crumble and their metaphorical see-saw starts tipping. I wrote this song as an onlooker about a person I know who is very obviously blinded by their warp ed view of ‘love’. Originally my heart broke for them, but there’s only so many times a person can ignore the warning signs before your words turn into mumbled sounds of nothing.” says Lizi Blanco. [via Heavy Mag]

Blackwater Drowning is now streaming the music video for their single ‘The Caged’ from their debut album Sonder // Satori. The video was filmed by Garrett Barefoot. “It’s about breaking free of the mundane,” said vocalist Morgan Riley. “We all die the same no matter what we got in life, so why pour your minutes into the rat race and never be happy? For the video, Garrett the videographer came up with the idea of fire as a whole concept. Fire is both destructive and cleansing, and that’s a fitting application for the theme of the song. There is a note of excess with the awesome vintage cars and fire dancer, balanced with the rawness of our own performances. We feel the video captures the spirit of ‘The Caged’, the dichotomy of dark, light, and the desire to go out in a blaze of glory.” “Creating with Blackwater Drowning has been some of the most intense, visceral and being entirely candid, deeply emotional experiences of my entire career!” added Barefoot. “When I proposed to BWD about doing a second video they were elated at the prospect. I explained that I saw simply fire and wanted to chase that concept. They lined up their resources and crew while I learned some basic pyrotechnics and the rest was history. I’m forever impressed by their ingenuity and how they can pull off anything, regardless of the obstacles. ‘The Caged’ is one of my favourite video productions to date and making it was so damn cool. Blackwater never ceases to amaze me!” [via Metal Injection]

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