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Canadian metal band, The Fixer, has officially inked a deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their highly anticipated album, Your Lie, scheduled to drop on all digital platforms on November 10. Alongside this exciting announcement, The Fixer is thrilled to present their debut single and accompanying music video, ‘Smoke Show.’ ‘Smoke Show,’ sets the stage for The Fixer’s dark rock sound and visual aesthetic. The accompanying official music video for ‘Smoke Show’ provides a mesmerizing and immersive experience, inviting listeners into The Fixer’s hauntingly captivating world.

Modern metal sensation Conspiracy of Blackness has inked a deal with Wormholedeath for the reissue of their critically acclaimed album Pain Therapy. The highly anticipated re-release is scheduled for September 22, and promises to captivate metal enthusiasts with its powerful and aggressive sound. Witness the captivating power of Conspiracy of Blackness by watching their official music video for ‘Welcome Death’ below.

Emerging from the vibrant UK Metal scene, Broken Calling is back to shake the foundations of the genre with their anthemic and heaviest release to date – ‘VIRUS’. Bringing forth the raw intensity and the electrifying dynamics that they’re known for, Broken Calling are adding another exciting dimension to their sound with the addition of the new vocalist, Tanzy Velane. Her voice, laced with power and grit, imbues a fresh energy into the band’s core, driving their signature sound to new, explosive heights. ‘VIRUS’ is more than just a Metalcore track; it’s a scathing commentary on the plague of social media, that omnipresent entity influencing our lives. The song echoes the silent cries of countless individuals pressurized into painting a perfect picture for the world to judge, while their authentic selves remain hidden beneath layers of pretense. It’s a rallying cry for truth, resonating with the anger and attitude that Broken Calling has become synonymous with.

Taking aim at those who doubted her return to songwriting and performing post-pregnancy, 51st Avenue’s Alynnis Zizza is empowered, fierce and forthright in their new single ‘Mind Your Own’. Pulling sonic inspirations from artists such as Bring Me The Horizon, alongside the score of hit series Stranger Things, the Sydney trio are continuing to expand on their proclaimed ‘hyper-modern pop rock’ sound with ‘Mind Your Own’. Thick guitars and syncopated drums back Alynnis Zizza’s impassioned, soaring vocals throughout, with the track culminating in a colossal bridge with guitar leads atop a half-time final chorus. Using technology to their advantage, 51st Avenue constructed the initial beat and synths for ‘Mind Your Own’ using a phone app. After scoping out the fledgling pieces of the track here, the rest of the song came together quickly, with the band combining with a sole direction for the track. Recording out of Keywork Audio in Sydney with Mark Williamson (Inertia, After Touch, Broken Earth), the band then sent the track across to legendary producer Kris Crummett (Dance Gavin Dance, Sleeping With Sirens, Real Friends) for the finishing touches and mastering. “We knew straight away what we were going for musically when we wrote this track,” the band say. “We wanted to blend the styles of Bring Me The Horizon with the eerie vibes of the Stranger Things score. The lyrics came quickly as our vocalist, Alynnis, was very early in her pregnancy so it was at the forefront of her mind giving the track the lyrical message it has. It started as a beat and some synths made on a phone app. The rest of the track came together pretty quickly, we wanted a specific vibe for the track so we knew what direction we wanted to head in. We’re really happy how it turned out!”

Conquer Divide have revealed a stunning video for new single ‘N E W H E A V E N’. “N E W H E A V E N was born out of the idea that you’ll never be satisfied with what you have if you don’t define your expectations,” the band offers. “We got together in Atlanta with Johnny Andrews for this one, and he’s a musical mad scientist. We played with religious metaphors, although the song is not about religion. You throw your whole life into something, and then you finally reach the pinnacle and get to pull the proverbial curtain back, but it’s not what you expected at all. So now you need a new high to chase. We did crowd-sourced gang vocals on this one, and it was fun to make that come together.” As for the accompanying video, the band shares, “This video was sort of a continuation from last music video where in the opening scene you see the Grim Reaper take his hood off to reveal he is now the priest overseeing the funeral. Kia figuratively ‘went to heaven’ and came back after realizing heaven wasn’t what it was cracked up to be.”

Brighton’s Industrial / Post Metal band Tribe Of Ghosts have today shared a brand new single titled ‘HIVE’. ‘HIVE’ is an all out barrage of frenetic and furious sound design and a vicious addition to Tribe Of Ghosts genre-melting discography that depicts a first person view of a world spoilt by dehumanisation and barbarous oppression. “When we were writing Hive, we felt that we were at a point where we understood our sound and what we wanted to create. With this in mind, we wanted to craft a song that sets the scene of the world that we build with our music, that explores the electronic and the organic, and declares our intent of giving into the chaos that oozes out of us on stage and in the writing process,” says guitarist Adam Sedgwick.

Portland metalcore band Dying Wish have announced their sophomore album, Symptoms of Survival, due November 4 via SharpTone Records. “Symptoms of Survival is an eleven-part piece covering the complexity of human suffering in all forms,” says vocalist Emma Boster. “From the honest and personal perspective of heartbreak, painful trauma, loss, rage, and regret — to the more objective perspective of war, greed, and ultimate survival.” The album features recent single ‘Torn From Your Silhouette,’ as well as the just-released ‘Watch My Promise Die.’ The new song has a great mix of melody and aggression and Emma says it’s “about the overwhelming anxiety of pre-destined failure. When you commit everything you have to one area of your life, the idea of it falling apart looms with such heavy importance. The song is written from the perspective of toying with that fear, allowing your weakness to overcome before you lose everything in a means outside of your control.” Check out the song and its Anthony Altamura-directed video below. [via Brooklyn Vegan]

SinHeresy has released a video for ‘The Life You Left Behind’, the second single taken from the new album Event Horizon to be released on August 25 through Scarlet Records.

After the release of their very successful self-titled album Beyond The Black in January 2023, the band now share brand new single ‘Call My Name’ with their fans. Beyond The Black have also just announced their Dancing In The Dark European tour for 2024. Jennifer Haben comments: “With ‘Call My Name’ we wanted to create a song with whom you cannot help but bang your head real hard. It’s organic, honest and in your face. Inspired by the story of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower we’ve formed a symbiosis of its elements and our own to tell a whole new tale about yearning, persistence and these wounds of human life that feel as if they will never heal completely.” [via Metal Planet]

Sydney based heavy rockers Wicked Envy have released their devilish new single and music video called ‘Paralysis Demon’. The hard-hitting single encourages listeners to reach out for help when struggling with their mental health. “’Paralysis Demon’ was written about my personal struggles with anxiety and insomnia, in everyday life. This song will hit home for a lot of people who also struggle with these feelings and that’s exactly why I really needed to convey this into a song, to let people know they’re not alone in this demonic mind battle and it’s ok to ask for help,” says vocalist Desiree Hancock. [via Rockpit]

Nashville heavy duo Friendship Commanders present a new video for ‘Vampire’ from their upcoming album Mass, out September 29. Guitarist/vocalist Buick Audra says about the track: “There was a season at the end of my time in Boston where I was being turned into The Problem by someone who wanted to control me and couldn’t; it was a moment where I could have played small and gone along with what she wanted, as I had once done. But I didn’t. I played big. I kept what was mine instead of giving it away—which included parts of my identity. And while the result was a scorched earth reality that impacts my sense of self to this day, it also ended the whole thing. I learned a valuable lesson in that season: don’t fuel the narcissists. Keep your power for yourself. It’s what they hate. And if they’re going to drag your character out in front of everyone you know, you might as well burn it all down for the warmth.” [via Decibel Mag]

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