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Hollie Carmen
Hollie Carmen makes a triumphant return to the music scene after a four-year hiatus with her highly anticipated new single, ‘Never Been Kissed,’ from her upcoming 5 track EP, (produced and co-written by Billy Adamson) and is the start of a compelling new chapter for her. Drawing inspiration from the 1960s, Hollie seeks to recapture the essence of that time – from the romanticism and unfiltered honesty found in the lyrics to the rawness heard in the recordings. It is a deliberate choice to blend nostalgia with stories of modern-day dating, creating a soundscape that blends the past and present effortlessly. “Meeting Billy was a godsend, he understood me and my vision and brought it to life,” says Hollie.”‘Never Been Kissed’ is about the impact falling in love has on me. I am impulsive, I dive straight in and I don’t think. In the relationship explored in this song, I felt entirely intoxicated by the addictive chemicals going off in my brain, it felt like fireworks were exploding! It turned me into a teenager and made me forget about any previous hurt I had experienced.” Listen below.

Bold and unapologetic, Australian singer-songwriter and creative DANII commands the attention of everyone who listens with her powerful vocal, charisma and universal storytelling. Inspired by icons of genre including BANKS, Rihanna and The Weeknd, DANII embodies strength; a concept that carries throughout her catalogue including upcoming EP Alpha Female set for release in October 2023 with an accompanying launch party. DANII is forever creating authentic, clever and courageous music that under pins her entire project-one of confidence, fearlessness and the inner power of all women. ‘In the Dark’ is her latest single from the EP. Listen below.

Arieliza is a singer-songwriter from the NYC area. Her Folk-Pop songs are laced with a classic nostalgic feel with insightful lyrics that connect to deep-cutting human emotions that she shares in her music. She’s the girl-next-door trying to get her shit together. ‘Come and Save Me’ is her new single and it’s a song to fuel those sweaty summer nights and encapsulate the freedom of going out without anybody holding you down. Listen below.

Lucy Chan
Lucy Chan is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter and actress. Drawing inspiration from the music of the 90s & 00s, her music presents pop rock with a nostalgic twist. At the age of 17, Lucy began her studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, studying a Bachelor of Music with a musicology major. At the age of 18, she released her first single, ‘I Wonder’. Being followed with a self-titled debut EP, the song kickstarted Lucy’s career. Lucy’s debut album, released in June is a pop rock album that echoes the sounds of 90s and 00s rock sounds, such as No Doubt, whilst maintaining an original sound. Listen to standout track ‘Before I Knew You Existed’ below. Lucy had this to say about the song: “Track 7 off the album, is about the aftermath of a heartbreak/breakup. It’s hard to define what you feel after being heart broken by someone you were never really in a real relationship with. What do you call each other now? Who are you to each other? If it was all so secretive and unclear, then how do you label how you feel? This song was written about a situation like that in my life. A guy that I was into was super unclear about how he felt, and when it came to an end, it was just the worst feeling ever. At the end, during the guitar solo, it’s kind of like a free, moving on section for me. It feels complete that way.

Murmur shares her new single ‘Wet Dream’. Along hypnotic synth chords and soft strums of the guitar ‘Wet Dream’ unfolds in an enigmatic semi-electronic universe. Murmur purrs about the desires that occupy our minds. Whether it is the crisp t-shirt of a James Dean figure or the unforgiving glare of a screen, Murmur imagines how our fantasies are shaped by the dwindling boundaries between reality, dreams and our virtual lives. Murmur released her debut EP A Self-Inflicted Calm in 2019, leading to gigs enchanting a growing audience at Norwegian festivals and clubs. With ‘Wet Dream’ Murmur has re-created the sound of her musical coming of age, with references ranging from ambient landscapes to the dream pop, grunge and singer-songwriters of the 90’s. Listen below.

Prosthetic Bung
Prosthetic Bung are a two-piece based near Toronto, Canada that plays chaotic psych/punk/noise music. Steff plays guitar and handles lead vocals, and Zach play drums and bass. They both like to dabble with all kinds of strange noise makers and effects. All of their music is fully improvised in their studio. They have just released their first full-length album Mr. Neckofthewoods. The track ‘The Baffling Origin’ begins the wondrous tale of Mr. Neckofthewoods; “a bewildering story dedicated to our magical decaying tree pal,” says Steff. Listen below.

Donnie, the talented pop/alternative artist hailing from the Czech Republic and currently based in London, is thrilled to announce the release of her highly anticipated new single, ‘Version Of You.’ This mesmerizing track takes listeners on an emotional journey through the complexities of falling in love, youth heartbreak, trust issues, revenge, and relationship challenges. Drawing from her personal experiences and evoking a sense of vulnerability, Donnie’s ‘Version Of You’ dives deep into the intricacies of romantic relationships. The song captures the universal struggles faced by individuals as they navigate the treacherous waters of unrequited love and the heart-wrenching process of breaking up. Listen below.

Holly Ivy
Holly Ivy releases her new single ‘Hero’s Downfall’. Laden with heavy synths, near-constant hooks, and undeniable grooves, this latest release is the natural and welcome progression for this up-and-coming singer-songwriter. Giving us glimpses of influences such as the lyricism of Abigail Barlow, the mystery and darkness of Billie Eilish, all wrapped up in the theatrics of Panic! At the Dico, ‘Hero’s Downfall’ demands absolute attention. Not one to make background music, Holly Ivy’s ‘Hero’s Downfall’ is the perfect soundtrack to score your revenge era. Listen below.

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