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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Erica James
Erica James is a talented artist, who wrote and produced each song from her 10 track debut album WABI SABI. The lead song from the album is called ‘JULIA STILES’ which is an extraordinary pop-rock anthem about surviving heartache. It reflects the artist’s own relentless self-determination to re-connect with herself after the uncertainty coming out of lockdown. ‘JULIA STILES’ is a celebration of her creative powers and dedication to detail. The song’s production fuses perfectly noughties pop-punk arrangement with innovative indie rhythms, effortlessly blending pop with rock. ‘JULIA STILES’ is an instant classic, and the name of the song is a nod to one of Erica’s favourite childhood movies, Save The Last Dance. Drawing inspiration from Julia Stile’s character in the hit film, it’s only you who can save yourself and get you where you want to be – as the lyrics of the song reflect. Commenting on the new song, Erica said; “I wrote the song during a moment from the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be. I had to kick myself out of victim mode and remind myself that I am strong even if I didn’t feel that at that particular moment. strong at that moment. It’s about surviving disappointment and heartbreak of all kinds be it in love, relationships or other. I survived and this song is an anthem and reminder to anyone going through something that you will survive it, I did. I reminded myself with ‘JULIA STILES’, that I am a resilient spirit. If anyone counts you out, tell them to not hold their breath or save the last dance.” Listen below.

GUY NORMA is a Swedish songwriter and topliner, working mainly within the pop genre. She has a passion for melodies and started writing songs at the age of 13. Her latest single is ‘Don Juan’. ‘Don Juan’ was written about a year ago at a Songwriting camp in Swedish together with three other songwriters; Ebba Cederwall, Henry Ljunggren and Björn Elfving. The song was inspired by the American artist Lizzo from the start and ended up being a pop/funk/disco/80s-kind of sounding tune. ‘Don Juan’ is about a ladiesman thinking he’s “the man”. The happy-sounding track together with the “roasting” lyrics is, however, meant to not to be taken too seriously. Listen below.

Velcro Baby Ego
Velcro Baby Ego is a digital alt pop project by artist and producer Abby Cole. Velcro Baby Ego’s debut single ‘DO IT 4 U’, out now, is an unabashedly digital alt-pop-adjacent track that melds ethereal synths with a sharp, driving beat. Listen below.

Zerrin has released her brand new single, ‘Maintenance Phase’, ahead of her next EP which is set for release in Summer this year, and partially funded by a UNESCO Glasgow City of Music grant. Blending dreamy elements of indie folk and experimental chamber pop, ‘Maintenance Phase’ is a gloriously languid song about being overwhelmed by anxiety and burnout – finding yourself in a period of malaise where you can only manage basic self-care. It’s about sinking into the couch and losing all track of the days passing, but yearning for something more. An Australian-born artist, Zerrin is an independent songwriter and self taught producer/mixer who works out of her flat in the leafy southside of Glasgow. Her upcoming EP has seen Zerrin collaborate with a host of creatives in her community – recording at Green Door Studio with drummer Liam Chapman (C Duncan, Andrew Wasylyk and Rozi Plain), and working with award-winning filmmakers Debora Maité (You Land 2023) and Eric Liddle (Humble Film Productions). Listen to ‘Maintenance Phase’ below.

After releasing their first two singles of 2024, ‘Feeling For Edges’ and ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me,’ Wynona continues their sonic journey with their new single ‘Tell Me What Comes After’. The song is a nostalgic vignette viewed through a modern lens, taking listeners on a hazy journey through a night out that evolves into a reflective longing for the past and excitement for the future.. The arrangement is breathless. From the moment it begins, it hurtles through the motions of a classic romantic indie-pop song inspired by the likes of The Cure and The Cranberries. Lead vocalist Natalie shares, “This song came to us effortlessly. When creating it, we discussed influences like Cyndi Lauper and Tears for Fears, which inspired us to incorporate more prominent synth textures into Wynona’s sound for the first time.” Guitarist Rich continues, “I think we kind of arrived at that point from the initial acoustic guitar riff, as it sounded like it already had a synthetic quality to it, especially when the acoustics were layered and created a natural chorus sound”. “We’d like to think that the song has a romantic nostalgia that feels familiar to anyone that stumbles across it”, Natalie continues, “as well as having its own identity. We don’t get too hung up on genres or overanalyse our music during the creative process. We just focus on enjoying the songwriting experience.” Recorded amidst the idyllic rolling Pembrokeshire hills of South West Wales at StudioOwz, the song was mixed and mastered by Ross Gilmartin. Eager to capitalize on early radio and press support, as well as burgeoning online traction, the band has recently retreated to The Ranch Production House in their hometown of Southampton to record a live version of the song, which will be released in the weeks following the roll-out of the single. Listen below.

Saneit, the sensational R&B artist known for her traditional R&B music style, is set to unveil a new side of her artistry with the release of ‘Shades Off.’ Produced by AllDay, OG MicWill, and JTK, and written by Alyx André, Saneit, and Jasmine Brenward, this single marks a significant departure from her usual sound, incorporating a pop essence that distinguishes it from her previous releases. With ‘Shades Off,’ Saneit ventures into uncharted territory, showcasing her versatility and willingness to experiment with different genres. The integration of pop elements into her signature R&B style creates a fresh and captivating sound that is sure to resonate with both longtime fans and new listeners. The song express feelings of loneliness and regret for past mistakes in relationships. The singer desires to find true love and is willing to take off her “shades” to face the truth and be open to new opportunities. The song conveys a sense of hope and determination to find genuine love and move forward. “I am excited to share ‘Shades Off’ with my audience as it represents a new chapter in my musical journey. This single pushes boundaries and challenges me to explore new sonic landscapes, adding a dynamic dimension to my repertoire,” expressed Saneit. Listen below.

Emma Gabriel
Emma Gabriel is an emerging 19-year-old R&B sensation, recognized for her refreshing compositions and mesmerizing performances. With a passion for crafting evocative music, Gabriel has rapidly ascended within the industry, making waves in the realm of R&B. Emma Gabriel returns with her newest single ‘Hurt You’, produced by ItsAshleeTho and FourthNote. When speaking on this record, Gabriel stated: “‘Hurt You’ is about that confusing middle ground that many of us have to face in the dating scene. In this single, I explore my experience as a young woman trying to navigate new relationships. I find that often, so many of us fall into a trap in which we find the confusion of certain relationships seductive and enticing; despite knowing that they won’t end well; at its core, that is what, ‘Hurt You’ is about.” When further discussing the direction of the track, the young artist continued, “The object of affection in this song is evasive and unpredictable, something which makes the cycle more addictive. Temptation may lead some to fall back into old patterns, with the same people; I hope this single can help others explore this habit in an upbeat and enjoyable way.” Listen below.

Puma June
Toronto’s Puma June released her first single ‘Lost Years’ in November 2022, followed by Exclaim! naming her an “emerging Canadian artist you need to hear.” Her music centers around regaining power in one’s life and the duality of people. With a clear political point of view, Puma June has a particular focus on women’s rights, rediscovering self-love, and the struggle of being an artist in a world that under-appreciates art. Her new single, ‘MDMTM,’ is out now. ‘MDMTM’ aka ‘Money Don’t Make the Man’ is a funky, lighthearted pop track about recognizing the type of love you deserve. This track is a crowd favourite at Puma’s live shows and will be a perfect spring bop for her fans. Listen below.

Georgia Winspear
Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Georgia Winspear is set to captivate audiences with her highly anticipated debut EP, Summer’s Palace which features her debut single ‘Limbo’. The EP draws inspiration from music legends Kate Bush, David Bowie, and Talking Heads, while embracing a contemporary sound reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, Clairo, and Suki Waterhouse. Georgia dived deep into the creative process of writing and recording with forces of Andy Bull and Dave Jenkins Jr. Georgia, Dave & Andy have co written this impressive debut EP. The EP was also produced and mixed by ARIA recognised Dave Jenkins Jr, known for his work with Daniel Johns, Vera Blue, and PAWWS. The EP explores the complexities of an Australian summer, reflecting on diverse perspectives and experiences whilst marrying classic influences with contemporary flair. ‘Limbo’ is really a song born out of the lockdown experience in Melbourne. “During Lockdown, as the days lost their definition, Time began to feel like those melting clocks in Salvador Dali’s paintings, there was a surrealism to the experience,” says Georgia. Listen below.

Introducing ‘Thousand Miles’ by Czech singer Donnie, featuring the captivating vocals of Czech/Armenian singer ANASATÁZIE. Their emotive pop ballad delves into the complexities of love and distance, capturing the universal struggle of longing and heartache. Set against the backdrop of London, this track combines haunting melodies with poignant lyrics, inviting listeners on a journey of vulnerability and self-discovery. With its infectious hooks and raw emotion, ‘Thousand Miles’ is sure to resonate with audiences worldwide. Donnie is a pop/alternative women artist from the Czech Republic who has found her musical home in the vibrant city of London. Starting her career in 2016, she quickly gained recognition for her distinctive sound, blending pop sensibilities with alternative elements. Building on the success of her debut album, Donnie Darko, released in 2020 under Warner Music Group, Donnie has solidified her position as a rising star in the music industry. Listen to ‘Thousand Miles’ below.

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