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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Hannah Wilson
Inspired by the sounds of the 90s, Melbourne music producer and singer-songwriter Hannah Wilson blends elements of trip hop, ambient sounds and soul to create her forthcoming debut EP Muse, as well as her latest single, ‘See You Again’. Following the success of her previous singles, ‘Sweet & Sour,’ ‘I Wanna,’ and ‘Shame,’ Wilson continues her collaboration with the talented Julian Steel. Having self-taught on Ableton and experimenting with sampling, Hannah co-produces on ‘See You Again’, enhancing her unique sound and sonic identity. ‘See You Again’ invites listeners into a world of intimacy and introspection. With its warm synths and intricate instrumental lines, the track creates a lush sonic landscape that envelops the senses, evoking a sense of closeness and personal connection. Drawing inspiration from the meditative space of trip hop, ‘See You Again’ weaves together sensual melodies and hypnotic rhythms, transporting listeners to a dreamlike state. The track seamlessly merges these influences with a nostalgic touch of the 90s, infusing it with a timeless charm that resonates with both contemporary and classic sensibilities. With a subtle touch of R&B influence, the track effortlessly blends genres, resulting in a unique and captivating musical experience. In a recent statement, Wilson reveals “I was very inspired by my all-time favourite TV show, Sex and the City. I really wanted it to have the nostalgic vibe of the 90s. I wanted it to feel like you’re running down the streets of New York after a lover”. Wilson explores themes of sophistication and sensuality. ‘See You Again’ serves as a sonic tribute to the show’s elegance and therapeutic qualities, while maintaining Wilson’s signature style and originality. Listen below.

degenerate fanny
East London-based band degenerate fanny recently released their first single ‘Penelope’. The song was co-written by Esme Hart and Parisa Shirvani, best friends, former flatmates and founders of the band, in the spring of 2021. It was the first song they wrote together, marking the start of their songwriting partnership with its characteristic combination of melodic riffs and nostalgic lyricism. Since then, degenerate fanny has grown into an energetic four-piece band, with Theo Caplan as bassist and backing vocalist, and Max Mason as drummer; additions which have brought even more dynamism to their sound. ‘Penelope’ was recorded at a studio with music producer Ian Flynn, who has worked with numerous acts including Venna, Hozier, Bugzy Malone, Yussef Dayes and Sharon Corr. The band share of the track: “‘Penelope’ is a love song, a lament, and also an affectionate record of the band’s beginnings. The eponymous ‘Penelope’ was in fact the name of a sparrow who was living (very loudly) in Esme’s vent in the shared house during lockdown, only to eventually abandon her nest. Esme and Parisa decided to write their own song about a bird, partly inspired by Amy Winehouse’s ‘October Song’ which was written in memory of her pet canary. But this is also a break-up ballad written about a woman, by women, in a ‘queering’ of the classic rock ballad.” The music of degenerate fanny is sweeter than the name may suggest. Although their songs often seem distinct in genre, they are glued together by assertive melodies and the occasional unexpected harmonic choice. There is a palpable nostalgia to their songs which not only recalls the early indie sounds of their teenage years, but also the songwriting bands of the 1970s and the classic jazz standards. Whilst ‘Penelope’ is certainly degenerate fanny’s most traditional indie song, seeing the band live confirms their cross-genre approach. Listen to ‘Penelope’ below.

Talia C
Talia C is a 20 year old singer songwriter from London. She has always sung from a very young age, in fact her first memory is of her singing. “I’ve always been around music as my family loves music and it’s on around the house at all times. But my dad was actually a musician when he was young, so I guess I’ve got my musicality from him. When my parents realised I could sing, they really helped me get better by putting me in schools that specialised in performing arts and I got more confident from there,” she says. Talia is inspired by 90’s and early 2000’s R&B, Soul and Hip Hop and artists such as Tupac, Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, Jhene Aiko, Yebba, Lauren Jauregui, Little Simz and Cleo Sol. Her new song ‘Higher Space’ is what she likes to call a summer anthem. “It’s about moving on with life and moving past negative people/ energies and it’s based on spiritual growth. It’s an R&B pop song with some Latin nuances.” Listen below.

Li Scott
Hailing from the small town of Holmdel, NJ, Li Scott set her sights on big city dreams as she embarked on her musical journey through the high and lows of the entertainment world from the tender age of five. Li learned resiliency early in her career as she graced the stages of America’s Got Talent Kids, the world-famous Apollo Theatre, and advanced through several rounds on TV’s the X-factor. Scott is a consummate performer and no stranger to the industry. Considered a true style maven and vocal chameleon, Li draws her musical perspectives from a place of personal triumphs and failures with an honest, relatable, and controversial flair. The true essence of a free spirit, she effortlessly showcases her talents as a singer and rapper at times with her salacious wit and infectious personality. While Li’s music does not easily fit into one genre, her crossover appeal is undeniable. Contemporary R&B with a global vibe, her forthcoming album fuses 90’s R&B, reggae, Afrobeats, and Hip-Hop. Her debut single ‘You’ and the latest single ‘Listen’, showcase Li’s depth as a writer and takes us on a vulnerable journey of lust and unattainable love. Listen to the latter below.

ZOĒ channeled her fear of performing into awakening her passion for singing. Voice of truth, her innocent tones, and lyrics that shine a light on her darkness, to evoke healing for herself and the listener. Born in Southampton, went off track in London to Dubai, then found her way back, now settled in Henley on Thames . Creating pure sounds that reflect her essence. Evolved from her spirituality to singing and songwriting, expect to hear more as her creativity expands. Her new single ‘Power in the Words’ is all about letting go of shame, the negative voice in the head. “Inspired by my own struggles with shame and self doubt. I noticed that i was not alone with this and I wanted to create a song to let go and release,” she says. This song was created in two creative sessions cowritten and produced by Jack Gourlay in his South East studio in Deal, Kent. Listen below.

Eleanor Kelly
Eleanor Kelly is originally from Belgium and Israel and is currently based in New York. She started this solo project in 2022 after a long break from music and the dissolution of her last band. She is also currently in a new band, Template. Eleanor’s main influences include 80s newwave, post punk, synth pop, and Industrial bands such as Depeche Mode, New Order, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Sister of Mercy, alongside alternative rock, metal, and middle eastern influences. The song ‘Call My Name’ was inspired by the music of the 80s when synths and industrialism were at the forefront in the US and the UK, mixed with the music that was produced at the time in the Middle East. The song tells the story of a relationship that is being kept together by a very thin thread. It focuses on the feelings and struggles of loneliness, fear, and anxiety that are brought on by this relationship, which is obviously coming to its end, and the protagonist’s willingness to fight for something that they know may be better if it ended. Listen below.

Veronica is an independent artist and producer creating dreamy pop music. Inspired by Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Florence and The Machine, she craft’s captivating melodies and lyrics, accompanied by her enchanting and sometimes cinematic production. She will be releasing a new EP later this year and has just shared the most recent track from it ‘The Lake of the Dead’. “I wrote this song about a weird dream I had: me and my family lived in a village where death happened in a peculiar way,” Veronica explains. “When it’s your time to die, you feel it and you have to go to the lake and let yourself drown. Everyone was ok with this but one day it was my turn and I wasn’t ready to go. My family couldn’t understand why and just said “goodbye” to me. I decided to surrender, and as soon as I died I was born again. I was very haunted by this dream so I stayed up all night and wrote and produced this song in four hours, which was very surprising to me because it’s the second song I produced on my own, after realising how the music industry is so male dominated, and I wanted to help creating inclusivity for gender minorities. I am so happy I did it because now I have 100% of the creative control, so my songs are sounding very authentic, and ‘The Lake of The Dead” is one of my favourites, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!” Listen below.

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