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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Singer-songwriter Ellie-Marie has released a brand new single callled ‘Promise’, coming fresh off the heels of her recent releases ‘2SIDES’ and ‘Sooner Than Later’. This new enchanting song is the perfect mix between pop and sweet RnB/soul, encapsulating the essence of artists like Anne Marie and Mahalia. With smooth guitar riffs, melodic keys, and enamoring lyrics,’Promise’ brings you comfort and warm that this perfect time of year. She says, “I wrote this song for my younger brother and sister as my forever promise to them. It’s the epitome of our unbreakable bond and for them to know that no matter the time, when, or where, I’ll be there through rain or shine. When people listen to this song, I want them to relate to it in their own way. Whether they’re thinking of their mama, their lover, best friend, or another, it’s the feeling of comfort, belonging, that’s the sentimental value.” Listen below.

Ida Tosh
Ida Tosh is all about creating heavy sad pink pop tunes together with friends, speaking to people experiencing self-doubt, heartbreak and trauma. A friend to keep you company on your way back home from a night out. Now, she is back with her second single of the year – ‘Sahara’. Why is it so hard to give yourself credit? When does it become a problem? Pretending to be someone else? When you self-destruct? Ida Tosh started her musical studies at a prestigious university 2 years ago and experienced, for the first time, impostor syndrome. The feeling of being exposed as a fraud at any second. “During the first year of my studies I stopped writing music completely. The pressure of being best at everything made me the worst. This really took a toll on both my mental health and my music. I really hated myself and the things I created”. The artist, born and raised in Stockholm, decided to make song just about that. She finally realised how poorly she was treating herself and made a ‘Sahara’ as an ode to the bad side effects of being human. Between the airy guitar strings and the wide synthesizers the song has the power to touch even the happiest person in the room both musically and lyrically. Listen below.

ZOE’s songs explore the world as we know it, and the world as it could be. Delivered with unique expressive vocals, and equally as expressive instrumentation, a ZOE show will take you wherever it is your heart needs to go. ZOE has released her debut single, ‘Fire’. The new track reflects on a transformative time in the artist’s life while the musician travelled around Australia, exploring and refining her approach to creating art. ‘Fire’ is a larger–than–life track, merging cinematic indie–pop with a contemporary edge and a visceral, tangible warmth. The new release, taken from ZOE’S forthcoming debut EP Sun, features a lush musical backdrop, a contemplative lyric and an enigmatic, soulful performance. As ZOE says about her new single, “The song talks about fire as the essence of humanity, our core energy. Humans have always gathered around fire. So, in a way, fire becomes the place we are truly known. It also talks about finding home in each other and goes on to talk about the space that is left to grow when there is nothing (external) else left to find. It’s a song that kind of wants you to get through all the bullshit and materialism and then go, what is left now? What’s really important? The answer to those questions is really what the song is getting at.” Listen below.

Seeing Double
Seeing Double is a five-piece rock band from upstate NY, made up of junior college students Allie Sandt (lead vocals/bass), Ali McQueeney (backup vocals), Michael Aaron (guitar), Zach Torncello (guitar), and Dylan Travision (drums). Their new single ‘Bygones’ takes notes from Queen and Electric Light Orchestra with a modern spin on production and delivery. The group is excited to share this new song and often compares it to their take on a James Bond theme song for its “spy soundtrack” elements. Listen below.

From a young age, Ninali has been fascinated by music and started singing and writing songs when she was a teenager. At just 18 in 2011, she signed with an indie label and released her first single ‘Lovedrunk’ in Belgium. She has performed at multiple venues, including as an opening act for a few local bands in Belgium and has done various performances in Rotterdam during her studies. Ninali’s songs are characterized by a fusion of hyper melodic sultry pop sounds, jazzy vibes and RnB influences. After a long hiatus where she traveled the world, found love and inspiration, Ninali is back with even more energy and passion to pursue her music career. She currently resides in Spain writing songs and studying music production. Recently, Ninali released her new single ‘Tokyo’, taking you on a journey to the Neon Lights of the iconic Japanese capital. Listen below.

Wendy Lucas
Wendy Lucas is a Portuguese-American, independent singer-songwriter from Boston who specializes in vocal melodies that captivate audiences around the world. The soulful background vocals that she writes decorate her music and make Wendy’s sound unmistakably her own. Wendy began singing at the age of eight in church, where she learned to navigate through layers of harmony, creating the blueprint of her song-writing today. Being an independent artist has inspired Wendy to teach herself various skills including songwriting, playing piano, production, and more. Her hard work, passion, and skill are reflected in the music that she shares today. She has just released her 5th single of 2022, ‘bare minimum’. ‘bare minimum’ is a catchy, woman empowerment hit that you can’t get out of your head. Listen below.

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