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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Estelllaa is a 14 year old pop singer-songwriter who has been making music since she was 11. She uploaded her first song when she was 12 years old called ‘My Bouquet’. Her new song ‘Star Eyes’ is out now. “It’s a pop song with a dance vibe,” says Estelllaa. “You can already tell by the cover art that this is something different! I get inspired by a lot of different things, such as my story, love, fantasy’s, etc. But this song is about finding and having that one person who makes you feel safe and sound and I believe everyone needs that one person who makes you feel like this. One of the verse’s that really describe this is: “You make me feel like I’m on a cloud, it’s never to loud when you are around.”” Listen below.

Melanie Pierce
Melanie Pierce is a singer-songwriter from Detroit, MI specialising in alternative, pop and indie music. Melanie began releasing music in 2020. She is a passionate performer known for her poetic lyrics and down-to-earth stage presence. Currently, Melanie is working on the release of her first EP Stir Crazy, which is geared toward indie/folk/alternative genres. The EP is comprised of 4 songs and is set to be released in October. Her new single is called ‘flame’ and is about walking away from what is not meant for you, and the feelings of not being enough. Listen below.

If you’re looking for a song to scream along to (when you’re angry at men), look no further. JVK’s newest single ‘Grinding My Teeth’ is yet another feminist anthem by the Boston local hard-rock band, which explores the theme with a “taking no shit” perspective: “But what’s a pat on the head to a woman like me? / If I accepted that shit I would have no dignity”. Jo Krieger, the founder and lead singer of JVK, explains the concept behind the single: “’Grinding My Teeth’ is a song about being undermined through subtle misogyny and being around someone who thinks that you’re beneath them.” The single cover art features quotes the band has unfortunately heard before – but Krieger chose to use those to her advantage: “It conveys that you can take back the things people have said and use it to empower you.” Listen below.

Gemma Felicity
Gemma Felicity, a dark pop singer songwriter from London has just dropped her new single ‘Come Back To Me’. The single describes the relatable and painful feeling of clinging onto a past love, out of fear of never finding another love that compares. The track is sad, yet also highly energetic, showing the poignant and strong emotion of the protagonist as she yearns for her ex to come back. Written by Gemma Felicity and Alex Rossiter, produced by Louis Takooree, it is the first single to be released as part of Gemma’s 5 track EP Baggage centred around the exploration of emotional baggage, and the affect it can have on our attachment styles and romantic relationships. The inspiration for the single and EP was inspired by Gemma’s personal experiences within her relationships. Through seeing a therapist, she was able to realise that her codependent, and often push and pull relationships were a reflection of her past hardships and experiences throughout her life. A self reflective songwriter, trying to heal her negative internal patterns, she wishes to help others to become more self aware to do the same. Listen to ‘Come Back to Me’ below.

Having spent years writing and performing in a host of seasoned DIY bands across Yorkshire, Leeds-based songwriter shaene shares the first offering from her eponymous emo project, ‘sad’. As the lead single from her debut album time lost / time regained, it offers a poignant look at the emotions underpinning the writing of the album. Starting out as a lockdown bedroom recording project before developing into a full band, shaene embodies the rich history of emo and shoegazing music, with glittering keys, powerfully projected vocals, and a dynamic gentleness. Having already supported acts like Lande Hekt, and M(H)aol, whilst also being deeply embedded into the Leeds DIY community before releasing any music, their album lands at a time where the project has its resolute identity formed. Sitting somewhere between the impressive textures of Slowdive and the eclectic songwriting of Alex G, ‘sad’ taps into many of the recurring themes of the album. Drawing from the alienation of her own trans lived experience and neurodivergency, the depth of emotion on offer is both cathartic and all consuming. Almost as a confession, shaene explains “‘sad’ is about being lodged in a deep depression, convinced that everybody would be better off without you around.” Listen below.

Rising rock outfit, Croix, releases their first full-band single, ‘Second Chance’, a beautifully melancholic and hopeful tune with gripping undercurrents. Described as an ‘indie rock cupcake with punk sprinkles’, Croix’s dynamic, optimistic sound fuses raw and reverb-y emotion with points of aggression and angst. In ‘Second Chance’, warmth and fuzz radiate from brusque lyrics that portray a sense of tender empowerment to the listener. “It’s a song about realizing your value and the growth that comes with it,” says lead vocalist and guitarist Carmen Lewis. “I wanted to write an empowering song with a nod to the humanity around the experience of falling down and picking yourself up.” Listen below.

Thundermoon are an Edinburgh based synth-wave, dance-punk, electro-queer trio. Three pals bringing you retro riffs with punchy lyrics to sing along to. Their DIY electronic drum beats are carefully crafted into the small hours with the help of many cats. Songs to drown out capitalism and dance in the forest with your friends to. ‘Wild’ is their debut single, which will also be on their EP when it comes out in September. “It was one of the first songs we worked on together as a band, and it sort of just came together seamlessly, with such little effort, which was kind of cool,” explain the band. “‘Wild’ is about escaping the late-stage capitalist hellscape that we’re all trying to survive in. It’s about laughing away the pain, having an adventure with your pals, putting your toes in the water, and climbing trees. It’s about the end of the world, but in a slightly hopeful way. If the world is going to end, let’s meet in the wild, let’s start again.” Listen below.

Martha Elisabeth
Imagine a fusion of Carrie Bradshaw’s fearlessness and Pippi Longstocking’s whimsical charm, all wrapped in a captivating artpop sound that meets the sun-kissed vibes of ABBA and the intrigue of James Bond. In this anthemic new track ‘So Much’, Martha Elisabeth fearlessly seizes life’s opportunities, driven by her desires and passion. ‘So Much’ is not just a song, it’s a powerful call to action, demanding your attention and urging you to take notice. Martha unapologetically claims the spotlight she deserves, without asking for permission. With her distinctive musical style and compelling storytelling, Martha Elisabeth continues to make waves in the industry. ‘So Much’ is the perfect theme song for Martha’s imaginary TV series, showcasing her unique blend of artistry and charisma. ‘So Much’ is co-written and produced in collaboration with Danish producer TMI Tammi. Listen below.

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