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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Candy Rush
Candy Rush unveils her debut single entitled ‘Don’t Even Wanna know’. The track is a reflection on the modern social media landscape, portraying what it’s like being a young woman grappling with the pressures of society amidst the fabricated perfection of online platforms. She confronts the facade of glamour painted online and exposes the inherent shallowness of superficial connections. Her lyrics point towards the struggle of maintaining self-identity in a world of curated personas. Drawing inspiration from Thundercat’s ‘Them Changes,’ ‘Don’t Even Wanna Know’ seamlessly blends elements of funk, R&B, and soul within a deceptively sparse production and easily digestible pop structure. Listen below.

Prepare to be transported back to the 80s with Thundermoon’s latest single, ‘We Can Make It’. This nostalgic synthpop anthem pays homage to classics like Stand by Me, E.T., and The Goonies, capturing the spirit of adventure and camaraderie that defined a generation, featuring references to iconic films like Gremlins, adding an extra layer of charm to the track. ‘We Can Make It’ is about positivity in the face of hard times. With pulsating beats and infectious melodies, Thundermoon invites listeners to relive the magic of nostalgia through sleepovers and scary movies, this track is reminiscent of old-school adventures, staying up late, and saving the world. ‘We Can Make It’ is a queer love letter to the days gone by that shaped us, good and bad. It’s about embracing the spirit of friendship and knowing that as long as we have our chosen family around, we can conquer any obstacle. With its catchy hooks and feel-good vibes, ‘We Can Make It’ is inspired by Thundermoon’s first single ‘Wild’ from their first EP, with do-do-dos to sing along to, and dance breaks for showing off your best moves, together we can make it to the moon, even if we have to crawl. Listen below.

RVE, originally a solo Alternative-Indie singer-songwriter from Galway, Ireland, found her home and art in Dublin in 2019. Since then, RVE has expanded into a captivating three-piece band forging her own distinctive genre; pixie-indie. Influenced by Adrenne Lenker, Julia Jacklin and Alice Phoebe Lou, with their unique vocal blending into dreamy, melancholic tunes, RVE crafts heartbreaking melodies for your “sad girl playlist.” Their latest single ‘Fool’ weaves introspective lyrics with nostalgic instrumentals as it tells a tale of love, loss and liberation. Listen below.

Lovender’s niche is dreampop and soft indie pop, and her influences include Lana Del Rey and Mazzy Star. ‘Until it Stops’ is lyrically inspired by nonlinear breakups and escapist coping mechanisms. Sonically, the track is guitar and reverb heavy, with feathery processed vocals- reminiscent of the dream pop and shoegaze style. Listen below.

5 Peeps and the Battery
Colourful, loud and diverse, just like their home city of Berlin – that’s 5 Peeps and the Battery. As a relatively young band, the five musicians want to shake up pop rock and give it a new twist. They like to break out of the usual rock structures and surprise their audience with experimental harmonies and rhythms. At the same time, 5 Peeps and the Battery attach great importance to telling stories with their songs. With themes such as friendship, empowerment and criticism of society, they try to inspire others and encourage them to stand up for themselves. With their music, 5 Peeps and the Battery create a safe haven in which everyone can feel comfortable and like they belong. Always authentic, honest and sometimes a little ironic, they bring a programme to the stage with which you can recharge your batteries and rock away the grey everyday life. Listen to their new single ‘Cinderella’ below.

Rosie Meyer
Dance-pop singer Rosie Meyer has released her debut EP Thunder, a collection of emotions amplified by skilled songwriting and strong hooks. The release includes previously released tracks ‘Deep Down,’ ‘Cry On The Dancefloor,’ and ‘Poolside (Scars).’ Alongside the titular focus track, these four songs form the first chapter of Rosie Meyer’s musical journey. “Thunder is written as the soundtrack for everything you’ll experience this summer,” Rosie explains. “From new loves, first dates, and heartbreaks to nights where you let loose completely.” At the heart of the EP is the idea of dancing away emotions. “I want to hit people with catchy music and have them unknowingly dance their feelings out,” she adds. The EP was born out of collaborations with Colognebased producer Luca Janzen and co-writer Tony Cornelissen (DI-RECT, Tiësto). “After lots of writing and experimenting, we’ve arrived at a sound I’m eager to share with the world: upbeat, honest, danceable, and sensitive,” Rosie states. Listen to title track ‘Thunder’ below.

Cheyanne Summer
Western Canadian singer-songwriter Cheyanne Summer’s latest single, ‘Please’, evokes an engaging blend of Dolly Parton and Faith Hill. It’s a thoughtful, exultant piano-driven tune that showcases the fullest extent of Cheyanne’s impressive vocal range and expression. ‘Please,’ co-written by Cheyanne Summer and producer Kenton Dobrowolski, is as intense as it is beautiful. The song embraces themes of loss and strength in equal measure, leaning on Cheyanne’s soaring delivery to express emotion and beauty through the concise and minimal lyrical content. ‘Please’ is a remarkable example of the maxim “less is more,” where only a few perfectly chosen words can transport the listener to a space of sadness and power simultaneously, amplified by a voice that crosses the spectrum of emotion. The song’s production never stands in the way of that accessible simplicity, with the hypnotic piano arpeggio backed by little more than a subtle and supportive slide guitar, the occasional string flourish, and a few emphatic percussion splashes. Cheyanne has all the vocal chops to carry an entire song like ‘Please,’ and the sparse soundscape delivered by Dobrowolski balances the task of supporting her without distraction. ‘Please’ is backstopped by executive producer and recording industry veteran Roy Hamilton III, whose credentials include acts from Nas to Michael Jackson. Listen below.

Mi.el are excited to share the release of their latest single ‘She Will Be Gone’ hoping to entice people with its dreamy, atmospheric soundscape. The track will be Mi.el’s first single from their upcoming debut EP Grains of Sand. Mi.el are an alternative dream pop band who met in London and have been playing and writing together for nearly two years. Ming from Belgium (vocals and guitar) and Ellie from Bournemouth (bass) work closely together to write their music, while Fin plays drums and operates the drum machine. They aspire to evolve their distinctive sound further by incorporating a synth, samples and loop pedals into their live performances. ‘She Will Be Gone’ transports listeners on a sonic journey, where lush, washy guitars intertwine with electronic elements, creating a hypnotic wall of sound. The song’s ethereal melodies and introspective lyrics evoke a sense of longing and the quest for peace and solitude found in nature. Like their previous singles, Mi.el hone in on the bedroom/dream pop aesthetic by self recording, producing and mixing the track independently. Listen below.

B of Briz
B is a masked rapper. She makes sometimes confrontational, and always honest, content, and as a woman on the internet, feels the need for some of that sweet, sweet pseudonymity. She’s not hiding. She’s allowing herself full earnestness. B of Briz announces the first single from her upcoming first full-length album; the single is called ‘The Man at the Party’ and it’s a feminist bop and a cathartic confrontation. On ‘The Man at the Party’ B brings her PhD to play in a striking alt hip hop dialogue, re-enacting a philosophical conversation with one of ‘those’ guys at a party who has a cynical view of human nature and an almost colonial arrogance…‘The Man at the Party’ brings us into every conversation a woman’s had with a man in public where she’s had to contain her response, her opinion, her thoughts, her feelings. B elaborates: “The man at the party’s worldview is that we have to accept coercive (even violent) systems and social structures because humans are self-interested and act for personal gain, and without these laws human life would be chaotic – a war of all against all: ‘bellum omnium contra omnes’. Hobbes’ famous quote is that life for humans in such a situation is, by dint of this selfish human nature, “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”.” The song takes the form of a dialogue, where B argues that this view is too pessimistic – that our tendency towards cooperation and justice means we can aim for better, and makes her point with passion and anger and freedom. Listen below.

Khailana is a genre-bending ethereal art-pop fairy who writes and produces from her forest home in Te-Whanganui-A-Tara, Aotearoa (New Zealand). Angelic, layered vocals, experimental production and emotional otherworldly story telling are some of the tricks she uses to lure you into her realm. Music has always been an important part of Khailana’s life – She grew up in a creative household in Nelson, New Zealand – her mother a costume designer and her father a songwriter As a quiet daydreamer, she often found comfort in imaginary worlds and stories, which felt safer than this one. In a way, these worlds have made their way into her music. Fantasy and reality don’t feel so seperate anymore though – there is a magic which weaves this world together and she hopes for her music to be a reminder of that. After songwriting and posting covers on the internet throughout her teenage years, Khailana started learning music production in 2020 and went on to release her first song ‘Our Monster’ in 2021. She has since received praise for her unique, ethereal sound, which is often compared to artists like AURORA, Agnes Obel and Lana Del Rey. It has been over a year since her last release, and now Khailana will return with her most dramatic song yet. ‘Diamond Boy’ is dreamy and vivid – a dramatic, playful yet hopelessly introspective musing on being so caught up in your lovers world that you lose yourself. Delicate electric guitar, climactic drums and swells of angelic vocals create the dynamic soundscape that cradles this story. Listen below.

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