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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Mia Lorelei
Mia Lorelei is a filipino singer-songwriter from San Diego, CA. Subverting the soft and intimate sounds of her debut EP, her newest single ‘Call You Closer’ is a ringing indie rock anthem that displays the inherent production amplification in collaborating with producer Ben Coleman. The track was made in New York City at a place and time that Mia notes marks “the beginning of a grander and more authentic era of music” for her. ‘Call You Closer’ unfolds the grieving of the loss of a relationship before it is actually over. Speaking to the heartbreak instigated by a summer fling turned unrequited love, the track reflects on the unknowns of a relationship with blurred lines and reveals the optimism in hoping you can hold on a little longer. Highlighting an untouched part of young love, the song dives into the blindsided dejection and invalidation felt as a result of hopeless romanticism. Mia lyrically draws inspiration from folk and indie pop singer-songwriters such as Leith Ross and Lizzy McAlpine, while sonically gravitating towards the grand alt-rock sounds of Alvvays, The Strokes, and Clairo. Creatively, Mia admires the works of Tyler, the Creator and Postcard Boy. Listen to ‘Call Your Closer’ below.

Sophie Sparkles
Sophie Sparkles (she/her) is a trans singer songwriter from Aberdeen. She has played in various bands over the years but is excited to release her first solo single. She write songs about trans liberation and her struggles to exist in a world that doesn’t want her to. Her debut single ‘Poverty Is A Prison’ is about the struggles she faces living in poverty. Featured on the song on backing vocals is her musician friend Robin June. Sophie is influenced by Riot Girrl and low-fi artists. Groups and musicians like Slant 6, Daniel Johnson, David Rovics and the Moldy Peaches really connect with her as their songs are about the everyday struggles of marginalised people. ‘Povery Is A Prison’ really is just a direct commentry on how poverty ruins a persons life and robs them of good opportunities. Listen below.

Halfsesh, an artist hailing from Brisbane, Australia, delves into the profound realm of unfiltered emotions, employing unabashedly raw lyrics. Her intent is to offer solace to listeners by establishing a connection with unexpressed thoughts and emotions. Halfsesh utilises delicate vocals and a fusion of bass-heavy electronic pop production with dark elements of hip-hop. Halfsesh commenced her journey with songwriting and production at the age of 16. This pursuit quickly imbued her life with a profound sense of meaning. With a perpetual fascination for the somber aspects of music, she finds both creating and indulging in this genre to be a therapeutic means of confronting and alleviating her own darker facets. ‘Feel Alive’ is an emotionally charged, dark pop track. Written during a relationship which was slowly fading, it is about a love that no longer makes the partners feel alive, but rather the opposite. With captivating pop rock elements, bass heavy production and confronting melodies/vocals, this powerful track delves deep into the heartache of losing love and being unable to do anything about it. Listen below.

Douzey; it rhymes with bluesy and cruisy. She is a new Melbourne artist, who writes fun quirky anecdotes of the everyday while also paying homage to classic feminine literary characters. She thrived in lockdown due to her hobbies knitting and playing scrabble with her Grandma. Eventually, she joined a choir in Northcote to rekindle her love of music and performance; and she’s been jamming, writing and crafting in churches, studios and lounge rooms ever since. Her latest single is ‘Hera’s Song’. “Hera’s Song is a bittersweet ballad that started as just the chorus that I wrote and sung for years in the shower or in the car. After I first met a partner, I thought it would be this grand love song ‘cause I was obsessed withthem. But the verses only came once the relationship had ended and I was so upset that they took Hera the dog. It turned into this reflective song on how much I’d changed and how much I’d learned in this relationship and I really appreciate the time I had with them.” Listen below.

Kelly Morgan
Kelly is a young R&B singer from Atlanta, GA. Kelly says her motto is “big dreams and a big heart to follow”. As far as her songwriting, “I want my music to touch someone — for them to be able to say hey I can relate to that story let me spread it around to everyone who can relate as well.” New single “I Remember’ was produced by Grammy award winning producer 7 Aurelius. ‘I Remember’ is based on looking back into the past and remembering the good and bad times to gain the strength to move forward. It’s a bittersweet record. Listen below.

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