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Douzey releases new single ‘Pavement’ and announces debut EP

Singing quirky anecdotes of everyday occurrences, from hummus to crappy housemates to femme fatales, Naarm’s indie pop/ rock artist Douzey (pronounced Doo-Zee) is announcing the release of her EP Discard (out March 22) with the release of her electric single ‘Pavement’.

As a song about bad dates with bad corporate guys, it can be expected that ‘Pavement’ packs a bit of attitude, sass and a hot-headed disposition, all with a playful and bubbly energy. Opening with firmly strummed acoustic guitar, ‘Pavement’ quickly turns into a stoic indie pop/ rock track, brimming with a punkish vigour from the band, filling in with overdriven guitar licks, solos and riffs. Douzey makes her mark as she belts out some tongue-twisting introspective and sarcastic lyricism, painting a picture of a vain corporate man’s life.

‘Pavement’ is ultimately a diss track setting the tone for the Discard EP, which thematically flows from odes to crappy housemates, landlords and the cost of living to roasting her younger 20-year-old self. Douzey explains:

“The Discard EP highlights my abundant ability to write when I’m mad. It’s a play on words, that started out as a joke to my friend (we are lovers of card/board games) but then the name just stuck and I couldn’t stop calling the project Discard. There is a card reference in Toxic Rain, but also, the whole EP is a collection of diss tracks.They are poppy songs with indie riffs, they are silly and I hope that it shows people that songs don’t always have to be about love and loss, they can be about all the weird stuff that happens in life. It’s a silly little planet after all, and I’d like to giggle about it with friends while playing cards.”

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