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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Frankie Archer
Frankie Archer’s imaginative and bold mash of electro alt-trad shows her Northumbrian fiddle roots, her deep love of electronic music and her immersion in soulful folk songs from the North East of England and around the world. Her debut EP is bold and innovative and set to make waves. The latest song from the EP to be released is ‘Oxford City’. “‘Oxford City’ is a traditional song over a hundred years old, but when I first read the lyrics I was reminded of things happening right now: incel culture and drink spiking. It’s tempting to think about old songs of times gone by, especially of songs dealing with the way women were treated and the awful things they faced, and say ‘wasn’t it awful back in the day, I’m so glad it’s not like that now’. While some things generally have gotten better, women still face male violence just sometimes in different forms. The poison wine in this song is a man spiking a woman’s drink to do her harm. Murdering her is an expression of rejection and jealousy which manifests as the same hate against women that incel culture feeds on: “if you won’t be my true lover, you’ll never be no other man’s bride”. This makes me think also of being hit on by guys who would not take no for an answer, and who were only satisfied and would only back off with an explanation (a lie) of ‘I’m taken’. Even then sometimes this can be seen as a challenge, ‘who is he, I’m better than him anyway’. This perception of women and girls as objects, as property, as prizes to be won, is so deep rooted in our culture. Whether you’re reading lyrics of a 100-year-old song or on a night out and seeing women get unwanted and persistent attention from men, the root is the same. So women have worked very hard to progress towards equality, and there is clearly still a long way to go. Although it doesn’t feel like it in the song, the time signature is changing all the time. It feels like it reflects the 2 steps forward and one step back nature of the fight for equality. We are improving some things and still so far behind on others.” Listen below.

Lady Larke
No men were harmed in the making of Lady Larke’s first single ‘Animal’ – but the all-female project certainly packs a punch. After a friend’s boyfriend told her she was “too much” and “not ladylike” enough, London-born Lady Larke’s response was to create a song celebrating individuality – and rejecting others’ expectations. ‘Animal’ is a powerful anthem brimming with satirical straight talking and bold statements wrapped up in an addictive melody. For those who refuse to accept each person as they are, her chorus ends on the advice: “Time for you to find a therapist”. “This song is a fearless voice of encouragement for people who’ve been belittled and judged simply due to their gender or appearance,” she reflects. “I obviously can’t empathise with everyones’ struggles – nor do I claim to – but I am a fierce ally. This song’s about finally rejecting how everyone else wants you to be and celebrating that new-found liberation.” ‘Animal’ was co-written, produced and mastered by women – of which Lady Larke is immeasurably proud. Not only is her aim to lift up women in this rebellious bop dripping with shrewdness and sass, but in the industry as a whole. The single is from her debut EP Timelines, which will drop in October. Listen to ‘Animal’ below.

Alicia Varas
Alicia Varas has paired up with Sydney producer and engineer L U N A and producer b.uzz to create vibey new track ‘Any Other Way’ – a fresh take on R&B combined with many new flavours. This track showcases Alicia’s lyricism within her soulful voice and writing style. Featuring a smooth instrumental, she draws you in, surrounding you with wistful vocal lines. With dreamy beats layered with elegant vocals, you wouldn’t want it ‘Any Other Way’. Alicia Varas is a 22 year old singer-songwriter andmusician based in Sydney, Australia. She has been performing for over 5 years and writing, singing and playing for as long as she can remember. Influenced by the music and deep lyricism of indie, alternative, R&B and rap – Alicia fuses these styles to create her own unique sound. Her biggest musical influences include James Bay, Vance Joy, Kendrick Lamar and John Mayer. She does frequent gigs at various venues and events around Sydney. Listen to ‘Any Other Way’ below.

At just 18, Ninali signed with an indie label and released two singles written by herself. After a long hiatus, Ninali is back with more passion than ever, independently releasing and producing new music, since 2022. Ninali’s new single ‘Vanilla’ is a moving, mid-tempo, pop ballad about a ailing relationship that seems great on the outside but is slowly collapsing on the inside. Reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, ‘Vanilla’ is imbued with pop and jazz elements, showing a different side of Ninali’s musical repertoire. ‘Vanilla’ is written and co-produced by Ninali. Listen below.

Lara Anderson
Lara Anderson is an Australian singer and songwriter who rose to prominence at the age of 14 following the viral success of her acoustic cover of The Foundations’ ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ in 2018. Now aged 19, Lara has continued to explore and expand her own sound, which culminates in her heart wrenchingly authentic debut EP Lovesick, an ode to those who are looking for love with the best of intentions, and lose themselves along the way. Executed beautifully with lush harmonies, acoustic guitar, and a tasteful touch of electronic instrumentation, we are whisked away by Lara’s melancholic melodies and lyrics of ill-fated hope. A mixture of both wishful thinking and painful self- awareness, Lara carefully walks the tightrope of dichotomy that is unrequited and unresolved love. Listen to stand out tracl ‘The Day That I Met You’ below. “This song weaves the story of my first love and subsequent break-up, and our acutely deep yet ultimately fragile connection that left me deeply shattered,” explains Lara. “I found so much solace in writing this song and hope it resonates with those who have similarly experienced the raw melancholy of heartbreak.”

Mei of Lily Valley
When Mei was 16, she really got into the music world, loving bands such as Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and Blur. And it was about that time she would start writing her own music. Driven by the alternative rock influences, she started to create her own tunes with her electric guitar in her bedroom. After a few years of mastering her skills, she finally decided to put her music out into the world for everyone to hear. ‘Jelly’ is her debut single and was one of the first songs she wrote, and ironically, it is a song about ‘beginnings’, the start of something. “Which alludes to ‘Mei of Lily Valley’ starting a journey, as ‘Jelly’ and the upcoming songs serve also as a storytelling, with a lot of metaphors, basically ‘about life, will and purpose’. But in the end, ‘Jelly’ (and the other yet-to-be-released songs) are a tune to dance to, to vibe to, to enjoy in this silly little life experience of ours,” says Mei. “‘Jelly’ was recorded this Summer, plus with a DIY music video. Its lyrics are space-themed full of metaphors, which have an original meaning, but people can interpret them as they feel it themselves. In short, as mentioned before, it is a song about the potential of something that has just started.” Listen below.

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