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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

‘Only girl’ is the latest release in a long string of eclectic, experimental and adventurous self released music by Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter/poet Sarya (they/them). Their second collaboration of a three part power-pop triage, with Edinburgh based producer Robin Brill aka. Birdfish, known across the city for their work with The Honey Farm, Dr Salad & Race Car. ‘Only Girl’ is the sound of Sarya reclaiming self confidence, tackling themes of internalised homophobia and is a self proclaimed ‘bitter revenge bubblegum pop song’. Listen below.

Joely June
Fresh folk meets indie pop, Joely June is a soft gut punch of anthemic sweeping vocals, gritty guitar and ear worm hooks. Formerly known as Joely, autumn ’23 marks an exciting new era for this soulful songwriter, with the release of her brand new single ‘Time & Space’. ‘Time & Space’ is a fun, soaring festival song, with a sadder lyrical theme. “It’s about an imbalance in a relationship, be it friendship or romantic,” Joely explains. “I think it’s common for women especially to feel undervalued for the love and care they are willing to give, and I wanted to tell my experience of the desperation of just wanting to be seen and heard by someone. However, it’s also the beginning of the important realisation that no matter what I do, it might never be enough for them, and a discovery of self-worth.” Listen below.

Cathy Jain
When Cathy Jain was born to the sound of Nick Drake’s ‘Pink Moon’, an artist that she counts among her favourites, it was almost written in the stars that she would gravitate towards music. It was a passion realised when she started guzheng lessons, a traditional Chinese instrument similar to a harp, at six-years-old. Playing to a professional level, it features prominently in her music and keeps her anchored artistically to her heritage. Growing up in China before living in Australia and later, Manchester, where she was originally born, Cathy Jain’s music is the sum of the different people, music and cultures that define her world. Asia, in particular, has left an indelible mark on her sound, having been exposed to influences such as Chinese opera, K-pop and Bollywood that broadened her scope beyond Western-centric limitations. It was through mastering the guzheng that Cathy started making her first steps as a songwriter, graduating from the school of Taylor Swift and Lorde who expanded her pop horizons and triggered her ambitions as a performer. Having finished her exams last summer, Cathy has now immersed herself entirely in her music. She spent the summer writing and recording an intimate, acoustic mixtape, Gentle, Hot and Godless, due to come out next week. The self-written, produced and mixed project is a detour to her singer-songwriter roots, inspired by her love for Elliot Smith, Hozier and Hans Anderson’s fairytales. ‘Goddess’ is about a dark infatuation. “It is a journey through the woods, following this ‘ferociously majestic’ Goddess creature,” Cathy explains. “The narrator is painfully aware of their inferiority in the face of such a being, but is entranced by her nevertheless. In the end, the Goddess’s beauty blinds them and they fall into the lake. The song rises and falls into a haunting outro to illustrate the tragedy. I wanted to construct a fantastical world, of water nymphs and dancing in the moonlight. Being a big daydreamer, I have always imagined being part of a different world. I think that’s why these songs are all so separate from my reality, and also why there’s a sadness in them.” Listen below.

atmos bloom
Last summer saw the release of London dream-pop outfit atmos bloom’s self-recorded debut album Flora. The band have relocated from Manchester to London to form a full live band since the release. A new era for the band was born with their latest single ‘Sea Legs,’ a celebration of their signature dream-pop sound, elevated by two new members on drums and additional guitars. Taking influences from 90s shoegaze such as my bloody valentine and modern indie-pop like DIIV, Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils; the sound is the perfect balance of reverb-drenched guitars and indie pop melodies. Listen to ‘Sea Legs’ below.

In a world where clicks and comments reign supreme, independent pop artist Liya steps into the digital battleground with her latest release ‘’. This electrifying pop anthem takes a playful yet incisive dive into the harsh behaviors that unfold behind screens, offering a captivating musical critique of our online lives. Born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, Liya discovered her passion for music at an early age, having grown up in a family filled with musicians and performers. Drawing inspiration from a diverse and eclectic range of influences, from classic pop icons to contemporary indie sensations, Liya has shaped her unique sound, characterized by catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Her latest single, ‘’, is a catchy pop song that delves into the turbulent terrain of online interactions, exposing the toxicity that can fester beneath the surface. Playing with clever metaphors, comparing the World Wide Web with the Wild Wild West, this bold new pop anthem brings to life the chaos and unpredictability of the digital realm, where anonymity can embolden people to unleash their worst instincts. Listen below.

AiramFM is 24-year-old singer-songwriter Maria from Denmark. Despite not having a professional background or fancy equipment, she pours her heart and soul into everything she creates. From writing and composing her songs to recording and producing them in her living room, she handles it all by herself. Her music falls into the indie/alternative genre with a touch of pop vibes, and it’s deeply personal, reflecting her own experiences and emotions. Maria started releasing music in 2022 and has released 11 singles so far, with ‘Heartbeat’ being the most recent. She has been compared to singers like Lana Del Rey, Birdy, and Aurora. “The inspiration behind why I started releasing my music comes from a heartbreaking loss – my mother’s passing in April 2022 due to cancer, when she was only 46 years old,” says Maria. “Music became my therapy to cope with the grief and pain, just as my mother had always encouraged me to pursue singing, as she herself had a beautiful voice and wrote poems. It’s my biggest dream to make music professionally and share my songs with the world. ‘Heartbeat,’ is probably the saddest song I’ve ever written and also my personal favorite. It’s a song about the day I watched my mother die, after she had battled cancer for 2.5 years. How I was there by her side, trying to comfort her as she drew her last breath and crossed over to the other side. And how I’d give anything if I could make her heart beat again. A hymn to her and anyone who had to leave Earth too soon, as well as a big, healing hug to anyone who’s lost someone they love deeply.” Listen below.

Matilda Gracia
Independent artist Matilda Gracia releases her new single ‘Two Souls’, exploring transcendental love that continues through many lifetimes. “This is a love song, with an unusual slant”, Matilda explains.”Focusing on the deepconnection between 2 people, themerging of souls, a brand new love, yet onethat is so familiar, so comforting … as if that connection comes from a spiritual past or a life lived before”. “This can be romantic love”, she adds, “or a friendship, the spotlight is on the deep bond between 2 people. I think of a love that travels through time, pure energy that cannot be created or destroyed”. Matilda releases this self-produced alt pop song recorded with friends, and then mixed and mastered by Paul Stanborough,who has previously worked with the late Tina Turner and Kylie Minogue. With powerful vocals, emotive guitars, longing cellos, ethereal pinao lines and a hauntingly catchy vocal hook that will keep you engaged from start to finish, Matilda captures the emotion of the listener. This is the first song off Matilda’s next EP exploring love, introspection, empowerment and creativity. Listen below.

Morgan Paros
Morgan Paros is a touring multi-instrumentalist and recording artist based in Los Angeles. She’s toured the world with pop artist Ashe, and recorded and arranged strings for Shawn Mendes, Madison Beer, Ricky Montgomery, Joshua Bassett, and Lauv. Morgan collaborates with her partner, 3x Grammy award-winning producer-engineer Jeremy Hatcher (Harry Styles, Lizzo, Maggie Rogers). She has just released her new single ‘What Love Is’. “In ‘What Love Is,’ I take off my rose-colored glasses for good,” Morgan explains. “While most of my music leans confessional, this is the most fun I’ve ever had writing about a feeling and time this tumultuous. The song pulls from my experience of being married young and having to get a divorce. It’s for anyone stuck romanticizing an inequitable relationship, and trying to shake off the heavy societal programming of what love is supposed to be.” Listen below.

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