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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Dead Bird Lady
Dead Bird Lady is a solo cathartic folk project led by French-Mexican multi-instrumentalist Laura Salas Ramirez. From the project‘s creation in Iceland in 2018, to the transition to France and finally finding a home in Staffordshire, Dead Bird Lady slowly morphed into her final shape, merging her fascination for folklore and alternative music with a mix of string instruments and electric effects pedals. From Tori Amos and Florence+The Machine to Keziah Jones and Grizzly Bear, a wide range of influences can be heard throughout Dead Bird Lady‘s music. These authentic artists are known for their distinctive macrocosm. It‘s this musical courage and integrity that she aspires to keep at the core of her project and cathartic compositions. A change from her first ballad ‘February,’ the haunting melodies of ‘Pollen’ explore the challenging themes of the over-indulgence of self-destructive habits, from those we recognise to the seemingly innocuous. Dead Bird Lady‘s bewitching voice draws us into this fascinating opening chapter to The Granny House, her self-produced EP. Through her songs you can hear the echoes of Kate Bush, Dolores O‘Riordan, or Lisa Hannigan. After the release of her very first single in 2021, she wrote and self-produced her EP The Granny House and entrusted the meticulous mixing to sound wizard Alexis Michallek (Imogen Heap, Sacha Bernardson). Listen to ‘Pollen’ below.

Franco-Malaysian artist ANELIE writes and produces her own songs following the DIY bedroom pop tradition, with a hint of French dark pop. Her intimate writing and carved production are tailored to spotlight her voice. Trained as a classical guitarist since the age of 8, she started writing songs on the guitar during her early teenage years. As soon as she had a laptop, she arranged and produced them, inspired by the likes of The Marias, Portishead and Clairo. The process of crafting a project in its entirety has pushed the singer-songwriter to delve into creating her very own sound: dark, mysterious and engaging.‘The Worst’ is an intimate yet luring song which explores the romanticisation of an unhealthy relationship through soul-caressing vocals and a dark pop production. ANELIE depicts with unprecedented rawness the downfalls of infatuation while owning the narrative in a fully self-produced track. “Desire is at the centre of this song” she says, “it was important for me to express and sublimate it through music. This topic was especially taboo growing up, and I’m still learning to accept this part of myself. I think that is something many women can relate to.” From the first few seconds, the listener is drawn in this late-night-drive scenery through a spacious and dark soundscape. ANELIE’s warm vocals enter effortlessly and create instant intimacy throughout the track. After setting the scene, the chorus hits with upfront lyrics, catchy drums and Moby-esque synth textures. After a break from releasing music, ANELIE comes back with a single that sets the tone of a coming of age sound: unapologetic in an honest and sensitive manner. Listen to ‘The Worst’ below.

Born in 2001 in Poland as Mirosława Markowska, STORMIA is a singer-songwriter-producer. Before her debut project came to life, she started by singing chorales during masses at 12 years old, although she doesn’t identify with any religion. She has stage experience in choir, pop and musical theatre. She graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in London with a Bachelor’s Degree in Songwriting. With her unconventional use of voice and concepts, by some compared to Björk or Kate Bush, she will transform the art-pop scene. STORMIA is releasing the opening single of her debut concept EP. ‘SUNLIGHT’ is an introspective journey oscillating between dark pop, art pop and experimental music. Immerse yourself into her sonic blend of Slavic folklore and brutalism. The song is about humans losing touch with nature and all the suffering that comes with it. A primordial cry for reconnection with Mother Nature while our planet is being overexploited and our civilisation teaches us to overexploit ourselves. Listen below.

PUPPYBREATH is a transgender experimental rap artist based in Portland, Oregon and is also a member of the music collective, ROACHWATER PLATOON. The artist started off as a big metalhead/scream rap fan writing spoken word and non fiction literature in their spare time until they finally started releasing their own music in early 2023. PUPPYBREATH draws inspiration from artists such as Kate Bush, ANOHNI, Nascar Aloe, SOPHIE, and Cannibal Corpse. “When I write lyrics, it is usually something I feel like I need to express as a form of personal catharsis, says PUPPYBREATH. “‘BROKEN DAUGHTER’ was a product of me processing rejection due to my transition and prejudice against my life experiences. The beat used on the song was made by the producer, MVNSLAUGHT3R. The mixing and mastering was done by my friend and fellow Roachwater member, CHRISTFUX.” Listen below.

Brooke Surrett
Brooke Surrett sings straight from the pages of her own diary, and you might even find bits of your own in her words. Her honest and heartfelt lyrics are laced with poetry and splashes of witty humor, evoking all of the feelings. With a dreamy folk/pop sound, her music is a medley of her influences including Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, Hozier, Lorde, with her own unique twist creating a genre that is entirely her own. Brooke has just released her third single, ‘walking dead’. Written by Brooke about grieving the living, ‘walking dead’ is an emotional, driven ballad that rises and falls with momentum throughout. Lyrics are performed atop ethereal production by Jeff Toth, featuring a mix of folk and pop elements such as the banjo, acoustic guitar, and a lap steel guitar slide. Brooke moved from her small hometown in Kentucky to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Belmont University and strengthened her craft in the school’s songwriting program. Post graduation, she continues to hone her writing and musicality in her career as an independent artist. Listen to ‘walking dead’ below.

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