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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Wychbury have released their debut single ‘Geordie’. The track is an explosive retelling of a traditional ballad which captures the imagination from the very first beat. Wychbury have been quietly making a name for themselves on the folk scene. They have performed at festivals across the country including multiple Glastonbury performances on the Greenpeace Stage in 2022 and in the Green Futures Field in 2023. They have shared the stage with artists including, John Frances Flynn, Rachael Newton (The Furrow Collective) and Rusty Shackle. With intricate finger-picking guitar by Che Bradley and captivating vocals by Rhiannon Kenny-McGrath, Wychbury perform mesmerising traditional and self-penned folk songs, steeped in epic, tragic and passionate storytelling. The duo grew up together in Stourbridge, West Midlands and despite being in their twenties, have now been playing together for over a decade. “’Geordie’ speaks of the inequalities between the richest and poorest in our society. It has been passed down the generations for hundreds of years. By mixing acoustic instrumentation with modern production, we aim to fuse the old with the new, redefining the song for the modern day,” say the duo. Listen below.

Francesca Everly
London-based artist Francesca Everly has been making waves around venues in North-West and South London since she began studying there in 2018. Her recent releases have been heightened with Francesca’s collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and producer Georgia Winter (most notable through their work with Suki Waterhouse and Hannah Grae) and which has crystallized Francesca’s ability to encourage listeners to run with her insider her own head, using an upbeat take on pop production to set the background to Francesca’s reflections on lost love, her own emotional fatigue and battles with her fight or flight states of mind. New single ‘Flight Risk’ embarks the beginning of a new era for Francesca Everly, being the first release of her upcoming debut EP and greatly inspired by the new generation’s female indie-pop voice and sound. In this track, she delves into her past expressing feelings of unreadiness to face the world. She reflects on the sacrifices necessary for personal growth, from early alarms to late-night rants and therapy sessions. The song captivates listeners with its soft, earthy tones, offering comfort while addressing challenging topics like mental health. With dreamy pop melodies and indie drums Francesca provides a soothing embrace for the audience. Listen below.

The Danish pop band AKACIA started their journey back in 2020 as a cover band, but quickly realized that they had a passion for writing their own music. In the beginning the group focused on perfecting their songs, while playing concerts around their hometown Odense. In 2022 they played at Posten and many other places in the city. The band has been through a lot of changes in both members and style, but has now found a solid foundation and a sound that they love. Their music is characterized by catchy melodies and relatable lyrics about the ups and downs of life. The production is filled with big synths and hard hitting drums, which defines the core of their sound. They released their debut single ‘Will It Break’ back in the fall of 2023. In 2024, AKACIA is ready with their second single, ‘NEVER’ and are going on their debut tour in the spring! ‘NEVER’ describes the complex yet so common feeling of never being enough. The feeling of doing everything to achieve that one thing, and then seeing someone else reaching the finish line without an inch of struggle. The theme of ‘NEVER’ has an all too familiar ring to most of us. The first seconds of the intro pulls you into a “clubby” vibe, like the feeling of going home alone from a night out lost in thought. In collaboration with producer Emil Mathiasen, the three friends leave you immersed in a whirlpool of emotions. Listen below.

Manchester’s genre-bending five piece Funeralcare breathe new life into indie pop with their hotly anticipated first single ‘Sugarcoat’. Refusing to be boxed in – dark nostalgic guitar riffs and indie electronica contrast creative pop vocals fronted by Georgia and Harry, producing a modern alt-pop sound that is distinctly Funeralcare. After topping the bill of the sold out Hot Take showcase at Yes MCR, Funeralcare hope to continue building a buzz further afield with their debut ‘Sugarcoat’ – the first single from their future EP Marathon. Listen below.

Raging Flowers
Raging Flowers is a Chinese-Kiwi singer-songwriter and producer based in Auckland, New Zealand. She makes jazzy self-help indie-pop with a lot of guitars. She loves to make cheerful groovy music about darker feelings. New single ‘Procrastination’ is a fun track. It’s bright, energetic, surprising, and a little bit loud. This song is about the anxious avoidance in the face of dreadful spreadsheets. Procrastination features raw and powerful female vocals, funky guitars, a synth solo, and a lively beat. Listen below.

Modern Moxie
Modern Moxie is an indie rock band based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The band is Madison Lucas (songwriting, guitar, keys, vocals), Harry Kollm (bass), Phil Pucci (lead guitar), and Chris Slezak (drums). The band was formed in 2019 when they released their first 10-track, full-length debut album, Claw Your Way Out. Their sophomore release, Gutter Honey, was released in 2022. Modern Moxie’s third album, Tripping the Light Fantastic, will be released summer 2024. Their newest single, ‘Churning’ is out now. ‘Churning’ is a song written about deep personal reflection and spirituality. The song originated as channeled poetry that was written during a fleeting moment of clarity after a deep, morning meditation by the lead singer/songwriter. The song is meant to invoke the listener to dive deep within and find their spiritual path. Listen below.

Cori Nora
Singer, multi instrumentalist and producer Cori Nora makes music outside of sonic categories. Experimenting with vocals, keys, guitars and language she crafts finely textured songs with an intimate analogue touch. Fall 2023 saw the release of her debut album Flowers And Fences. Cori Nora grew up in a musical family and plays bass, guitar, piano, banjo and cello. She has played, recorded and released music in different band settings before she decided to focus on her solo project. As a side woman she plays bass and sings backing vocals for Pet Owner and Haubi Universe.Her new release is called ‘Vacuum Cleaner’ . “It’s a song about cleaning up the mess after a heartbreak and moving on with your life. Planning, fixing and cleaning are methods of control, getting the world in habitable shape as the writer Siri Hustvedt puts it. The title and lyrics are inspired by a vacuum cleaner heard through the wall of an apartment next door whilst writing the song.” Listen below.

alx frncs
alx frncs has released her second single ‘i cant do anything right’. alx released her first single ‘i wanna’ last July. Since her first release she has been exploring her live sound with her bandmates Alex Tabero (Drums) and Peter Lawson (Guitar), building her audience and performing at local Brighton and London venues. ‘i can’t do anything right’ is a gentle yet upbeat exploration into the inadequacies of depression and isolation during lock-down in the UK. Her writings often focus on grappling with her experience of a fracturing family home, juxtaposed with unhealthy anxiety surrounding existential dread and anger throughout her life, with audiences often relating to those themes that are left unsaid in their day to day. ‘i can’t do anything right’ was recorded and mixed tin-can telephone style; drums and guitar recorded in her band’s bedrooms and shared via file sharing platforms to come together in alx’s Brighton flat last March. alx co-produced the track with with Luke May (Fran Lusty, Izzie Derry) at South Lanes Studios, mixed by Nick Williams of Pitch Music Studios (Brighton) in December of last year and Mastered by Sam Every-Baker (Clairo, FKA Twigs, Alison Goldfrapp). Lofty harmonies and sweet synths juxtapose the lyrical uncoverings of the reality of living with spiralling mental health problems during a period of extreme social and physical isolation. alx frncs says: “I wrote ‘i can’t do anything right’ after coming out of a deep depression. Personal situations were beginning to change and it finally felt like I could process what had happened to me both physically and mentally during the second half of the pandemic. The song is an ode to my flatmates that kept me just above water, but also how I felt like a burden to everyone around me.” Listen below.

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