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Symphonic metal band ANA just released a new album entitled The Art of Letting Go via Eclipse Records on March 29, and now; the band dropped their third music video from the album entitled ‘Scars’. The music video was directed by Peter Coulson, whose work has been published as covers and editorials in magazines worldwide, winning multiple prestigious awards including AIPP Australian Photographer of the Year, and AIPP Fashion Photographer of the Year 3 times. “We had a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with the amazing Peter Coulson” says lead vocalist Anna Khristenko. “We needed one more music video and he happened to have some time between his busy schedule, which was truly a blessing. I have worked with Peter many times before, so we have developed very good chemistry and strong trust between us. On the other hand, it may have been a bit of a learning curve for my band, as Peter’s methods can be unorthodox. He was truly like no other director they’d ever worked with. Even though the subject matter may weigh heavy on the heart, the video is stunningly beautiful. The video was shot in black and white to represent the past. The effect of a black and white video also means that your eyes are not distracted by colors and makes you focus more on the performance and emotions. The message I want to bring across is that even in pain there is beauty to be found.” Director Peter Coulson adds, “I just push buttons and allowed Anna and the band to do the rest.”

Following the announcement of her long-awaited debut album THIS IS DOOM TRAP (out on September 26 via Silent Cult), Mimi Barks, has unveiled her brand-new single ‘BANSHEE’, furthermore demonstrating to fans another insight into what they can expect from the upcoming album. ‘BANSHEE’, sees the doom trap pioneer produce her most honest work to date as she allows listeners to delve further into her dark world. Sonically, it showcases a whole new side to Mimi Barks as the track resonates it’s vulnerable nature.

Reunited Canadian metal outfit Kittie have dropped the new song ‘We Are Shadows,’ their second single since returning from hiatus. The rhythms and staccato riffs are airtight and unrelenting, and frontwoman Morgan Lander takes a more melodic route vocally on this track, calling back to Kittie’s nu-metal heyday. “‘We Are Shadows’ is about the uncertainty of a future that we can no longer control,” Lander explained in a press release. “We have come to a critical place in life and in our world, and much like an eclipse overtaking the sun, we are losing the light.” She continued: “The image of shadows slowly fading in the evening darkness, and the analogy of ‘us’ as shadows in the night really illustrates the possibility of slowly fading into oblivion. It is not a song of hope however, it’s a song of coming to terms with the damage we do and acceptance of our fate. We’ve let darkness take hold, and so we are resolved to fade in the night with it.” [via Consequence]

Entheos is back with a new single ‘An End To Everything’ just over one year after their 2023 album Time Will Take Us All. The single comes alongside a music video directed by Malcolm Pugh, and riffs that will twist your brain in new and interesting ways. “‘An End To Everything’ is lyrically about surrendering yourself or giving in to a sense of darkness and despair that you feel is beyond your own control,” said Entheos vocalist Chaney Crabb. “Musically, the first riff of the song came organically, and the rest of the song wrote itself after. We wanted the song to provoke a feeling of melancholy, with lyrics to match. It became a perfect combination of many of the styles of metal and rock that we aim to blend in our music.” [via Metal Injection]

Within Temptation proudly present their newest single ‘A Fool’s Parade’, featuring Ukrainian producer and vocalist Alex Yarmak. All royalties from the new single will be donated to Music Saves UA for the duration of the war. ‘A Fool’s Parade’ showcases the band’s commitment to raising awareness of Ukraine’s ongoing battle against Russia’s invasion. The song itself serves as a condemnation of Russia’s deceitful actions and sheds light on the harsh realities faced by Ukraine. Within Temptation remains steadfast in their support for Ukraine, with involvement in initiatives such as the Ukraine Aid OPS foundation, advocating for more much-needed solidarity. [via Metal Planet]

Xeneris, the Italian powerhouse of symphonic power metal, is set to ignite the global metal scene with their debut album, Eternal Rising. slated for release on June 14. Prepare to be hypnotized by their first single and video, ‘Eternal Rising’, a mesmerizing tale of resurrection and resilience, narrated through the myth of the phoenix’s rebirth. This song embodies the determination to move forward in life challenges, echoing the phoenix’s immortal cycle of death and rebirth. A video for the song can be found below. Mastermind Federico Paolini states: “‘Eternal Rising’ tells a story of resurrection and resilience narrated through the myth of the phoenix’s rebirth: every 500 years, the phoenix dies and rises from its ashes, thus ensuring immortality through this purifying ritual. For us, it’s a concept very representative of our musical journey that is reborn and continues, representing also the will to continue our path with renewed passion.” [via Brave Words]

Giant Walker have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Make Me’, is the brand new single from the Newcastle-based heavy progressive band and marks their first new music since their last album, All In Good Time, which was released back in May 2022. The new song was produced by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman) and gives the first glimpse into their as-of-yet unannounced second album, which is anticipated to be released later this year via Church Road Records. Speaking about the new song, vocalist Steff Fish says, “the song is about witnessing someone that you care about making terrible decisions and the reality of your own helplessness knowing that nothing you say will influence their judgement as they can’t or won’t acknowledge that their own actions are perpetuating the problem. So, it becomes an endless cycle of delusion and bitterness.” [via Ghost Cult Mag]

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