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Seven Spires shares ‘Architect of Creation,’ the second single from their upcoming studio album A Fortress Called Home to be released June 21 via Frontiers Music Srl. The track is accompanied by a new music video. Frontwoman Adrienne Cowan had this to share about the track: “’Architect of Creation’ is a bombastic romp through many of our favorite genres. On the spectrum from ‘mania to nothing’, this falls heavily on the mania side. But the true joy for me was in the arrangements — painting that world as the scenery of my soul! — and frolicking through them with Devin Townsend-inspired clean vocal stacks and Shagrath-y storytelling harsh vocals.”

Make Them Suffer is kicking off a busy 2024 with their new single ‘Epitaph’, out now via Greyscale Records and SharpTone Records. If you’ve been yearning for that old-school Make Them Suffer sound, this new single will at least partially sate that appetite! “‘Epitaph’ is the perfect grafting of new and old in terms of combining elements from our earlier sound with newer ones,” said Make Them Suffer of the track. “Primal yet futuristic, ‘Epitaph’ comes from a place of contemplation. The lyrics depict a post-doomsday setting and imagine how we as a species might be remembered by other forms of life.” [via Metal Injection]

German trio Future Palace have released a video for their brand new single ‘Uncontrolled’, out now via Arising Empire. The track is the band’s first new music in almost a year. Our entire existence demands control – it seems all the more shocking when the feeling of self-control suddenly seems to disappear. In their new single, Future Palace set exactly this almost unbearable state of a slipping self to music and rely on some of the most powerful sonic contrasts that they have ever unleashed in their entire discography. “‘Uncontrolled’ was created in 2022 and was written almost at the same time as the song ‘Malphas’, which not only has a similarly heavy musical tone as the new single, but also lyrically speaks of a struggle with oneself.” The words with which singer Maria Lessing describes the experiences that gave rise to ‘Uncontrolled’ also sound correspondingly agitated. “The loss of control in the title primarily relates to one’s own mental health and one’s own decision-making ability“, she says. “You can no longer manage to get up in the morning and have to constantly regain your strength. You can no longer manage to meet deadlines or function at all. ‘Uncontrolled’ represents what it feels like when everything falls apart and seems hopeless. ‘Uncontrolled’ is driven by remarkably riff-focused instrumentals that would do even Slipknot credit. In their most epoch-making moments, the band glides into arrangements with immensely great vocal gestures, only to plunge into perhaps the dirtiest screams that singer Maria Lessing has ever uttered in the very next moment. The band is continuing a development that already began on their second album Run and with their last single ‘Malphas’. Musically, Future Palace have now come shockingly close to the unpredictability and brutality of the dramatic themes that have always occupied them. [via Metal Planet]

Philadelphia heavy metal band Sonja has signed with Century Media Records, and is celebrating the occasion with a new single ‘Discretion for the Generous.’ “It’s a potent experience to write, record, film a video at my home, and immediately release a song that is literally encompassing my life right now,” said Sonja vocalist and guitarist Melissa Moore. “Sonja is our Goddess and she despises compromise. We exist for her extreme desire and as such we are full-on at all times. To create the art worthy of her name we rip through our realities into the new planes of existence she demands. We are grateful for those who join us on this path of serving her. Escaping to Portugal to write the lyrics, I attempted to articulate some of the insanity back in Philly. When I returned home, we turned the volume UP. Century Media became our new sugar daddy. We stare into each other’s souls with an unhinged need to push each other over the edge. It’s pointless to even try to predict what kind of fucked up situations we are all going to end up in. Some knowledge can only be found in the dark.” [via Metal Injection]

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