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Following on from their electrifying performance at Download Festival and their US tour with Vukovi, Calva Louise have revealed their brand-new single ‘La Corriente,’ out now on Mascot Records. “’La Corriente’ is about escaping prefabricated opinions and judgments, affecting our perception of self,” Jess Allanic explains. Translated to “the current”, in Spanish it can mean the river current but also figuratively it can mean following someone’s flow. Allanic adds, “By trying to be agreeable and trying to fit in, I let someone’s current drag me away from my own self in the past, undermining my opinions and eventually feeling trapped in expressing myself. This song for me is regaining that power back.”

KITTIE have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Fire’, is the title track from the Canadian metal band’s brand new album, which is released now, via Sumerian Records. Speaking about the release of their new album, vocalist/guitarist Morgan Lander says, “we’ve gone from 0 to 100 within the last few years and it’s almost unfathomable that the culmination of all of our work, sacrifice, pain and triumph has finally come to fruition with the release of our seventh studio album, Fire. We burn with more determination, focus and drive than ever, and hope that these elements resonate with every word, and can be heard in every note of this album. Fire is for you!” [via Distorted Sound]

Stand Atlantic have released a new single from their upcoming album. ‘CRIMINAL’, a collaboration with Polaris, is the latest cut from WAS HERE. The full-length is set for release on August 23 via Hopeless Records, and has already been teased by early singles ‘LOVE U ANYWAY’ and ‘GIRL$ (Feat. PVRIS and Bruses)’. “’Criminal’ is a small insight into how it can feel to be in this industry,” Bonnie Fraser explains. “It sometimes feels like you gotta keep your life a certain level of fucked up, so you can make art that comes from a real place. I found myself wanting to invite the pain in and sometimes go looking for it… just to create some cool shit that gets sold by people, who at times may not give a damn about how you got there.” On collaborating with Polaris, she adds: “It felt so right to have Polaris on this track. Dan and I personally bonded over this exact topic on a night out, after the song was already written so it felt like fate. We have wanted to work together for so long, so having another Australian artist we absolutely love was a pure blessing and created a perfect storm.” [via Dork]

Oceans of Slumber have officially unveiled their upcoming album Where Gods Fear to Speak, and dropped a performance video for the second single, ‘Poem of Ecstasy.’ The track puts the band’s signature dark and cinematic style on full display, and strings together numerous standout moments, sorta giving the feel of a mini-epic. We got haunting vocals and a smooth piano entrance, with a transition to doom-laden power metal, culminating with death growls and blast beats, in some sort of a “dystopian grindcore”. [via Metal Injection]

Fresh from her Download Festival set – which not only etched HARPER into its history books as the festival’s youngest ever performer but marked her first ever live show – now the astonishing 12-year-old vocalist releases a brand new track, ‘Bird In A Cage.’ ‘Bird In A Cage’ was co-written by Leo Valeri (Brand Of Sacrifice) and Ben Lumber (Acres). Valeri performed all instrumentation on the single. Harper enthuses, “’Bird In A Cage’ was written about feeling trapped and alone and being let down by the people who are close to you. This song is different to any song I’ve done before and I really wanted to show I can do more than just scream. It’s possibly my favourite song I’ve done to date!” [via Metal Planet]

FUTURE PALACE have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Dreamstate’, is taken from the German post-hardcore band’s upcoming new album, Distortion, which is scheduled to be released in September this year, via Arising Empire. The band collaborated with Pavel Trebukhin once again for the Dreamstate music video, returning to Riga, Latvia. “At first, I actually intended to write a piano ballad,” says guitarist Manuel Kohlert about the new song. “But the song quickly became much harder.” Vocalist Maria Lessing adds, “it’s now one of my favourite songs on our new album.” The organic development process of the song, in which quiet sounds were ultimately overtaken by massive anger, can perhaps even be read symbolically – after all, the vocalist was also thinking about her career as a musician, which sometimes seems just as overwhelming. “Very often I lack the strength to see it all through,” she continues. “I think many people can empathise with this feeling of being overwhelmed in our performance-oriented society.” [via Distorted Sound]

DEFENCES have released a track. ‘The Almost’, is the brand new single from the Hertfordshire-based alternative metal band and follows on from their previous single, ‘Gold In The Dark’, which was released last month. Speaking about the new song, the band says, “with ‘The Almost’ we wanted to dive into the dangers of comparing yourself and your achievements to the people around you. It is all too easy to see the often manipulated, idyllic versions of people’s lives on social media and come to the conclusion that you’re missing out, that you’re not living life to the fullest. To be stuck in a place where you feel like your life has not begun is a horrible and unnecessary feeling, and we wanted to put a name to it. That’s where ‘The Almost’ comes in. [via Distorted Sound]

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