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Newcomer Southwest London rapper Ellie Saprano introduces herself to the music scene with her debut single ‘Southside Bad Bitch’, showcasing her nostalgic, yet modern flair as she comes in the game with lyrics full of confidence, style and uniqueness. ‘Bad Bitch’ showcases Ellie Saprano’s stylistic flow over a beat produced by Blueee. The video encapsulates the ‘bad bitch’ vibes full of drip, cars and more females. Ellie Saprano is the newest signing to UK rap veteran Corleone’s GB Records – tying her to a tight knit musical family (TeeZandos, ISong) resonating with themes of strength and unity. Corleone, a significant influence in Ellie’s journey, recognised her potential early on and provided unwavering support. “One of the most exciting moments for me so far has been the process of creating the track and filming the music video for my debut single, ‘Southside Bad B*tch’. This experience has not only boosted my confidence, but also reinforced my belief that I am on the right track and following the correct path in my musical journey”.

On the fast track towards a major breakthrough, genre-bending hip-hop phenomenon TiaCorine unleashes the slick and scorching new music video for ‘Shamone’ out now via Interscope Records. It graces the tracklisting of her tastemaker-approved new Almost There EP—out now. A two-minute burst of braggadocios bravado, ‘Shamone’ spotlights TiaCorine’s bulletproof bars and fiery flow front-and-center. 808s rattle through shaky synths, and she warns, “I’m still never gonna pick up.” In the accompanying Moshpxt directed visual, she descends upon the desert. Letters spell out “The End of the World” in the sand, and this hip-hop femme fatale proceeds to body the beat with the force of an apocalyptic event. An outfit change and a smoke break gives way to a final scene of TiaCorine against the backdrop of a setting sun, donning fur, rapping unapologetically with confidence.

South London force Shaybo returns with new single ‘Get It’. Out now, the single finds Shaybo reclaiming her throne – yep, the Queen of the South is back. Switching it up once more, she’s recruited new production talent, pushing herself harder in the booth than ever before. As a result, the Nigerian born, Lewisham raised magnet is on top form with this new track. Legendury Beatz take control of the sonic palette – the duo behind seminal afrobeats hits ‘Ojuelegba’ and ‘Essence’ by Wizkid – but there’s a UK twist in there, too. Shaybo shows her finesse with each bar, the regal South London talent going hard from the off. As ever, there’s a dose of femme energy, with ‘Get It’ presenting the balance between confronting expectations and producing something true to herself. [via Clash]

With Atlanta, Georgia being one of the hubs for hip-hop, you already know that there is going to be an abundance of varying talent and styles. Anycia is someone who does not exactly fit into one specific lane. That is apparent through her casual mic presence and lyricism. It has quickly become an easily recognizable sound and it is why she will be cementing her star status very shortly when she releases her debut album. ‘BAD WEATHER’ from Anycia is now most likely the third single from the LP. [via HNHH]

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