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KNIFE BRIDE have released a razor-sharp-edged new single. ‘MELANCHOLIA’ is out now and, as vocalist Mollie Clack says, “This song is about the disconnect we have in certain relationships. How we are all desperate to love and be loved, yearning to be seen and understood, always falling short of expectations and expelling too much sacred energy.” That yearning really comes through in Clack’s powerful, emotive vocal, which spearheads the track alongside some absolutely critical riffs from guitarist Sean Windle and bassist Craig Glynn, all powered along by drummer Sean Millsopp’s tightly-wound beats.

ALTERIUM have released a brand new song. The new song, titled ‘Hear My Voice’, is the brand new single from the Italian power metal band and follows on from their debut album, Of War And Flames, which was released back in March, via AFM Records. Speaking about the new song, vocalist Nicoletta Rosellini says, “after the release of our debut album, we were blown away by the incredible feedback from fans and the press. Inspired by this support, we decided to release a new song as a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone who believed in us. Hear My Voice is a deeply personal song that helped me move on from the past and strive for better. Packed with catchy synths, powerful guitars, and a sing-along chorus, it’s a must-hear for any power metal fan.” [via Distorted Sound]

ALUNAH have announced a new album. Titled Fever Dream, the upcoming album from the Birmingham-based doom band is the follow-up to 2022’s Strange Machine, and is scheduled to be released in September this year, via Heavy Psych Sounds. The upcoming album was produced by Chris Fielding [ELECTRIC WIZARD, CONAN] and features artwork by Stefán Ari [THE VINTAGE CARAVAN]. The album was recorded during the winter of 2024, the atmosphere of the historic Foel Studio allows the groove to flow alongside riff, heft and melody in equal measure. Alongside the announcement of the new album, the band have released a new song lifted from the upcoming album; ‘Never Too Late’. The new song was first premiered via The Obelisk and features a guest vocal appearance from Francis Toboisky from WUCAN. Speaking about the new song, the band shares, “’Never Too Late’ combines the bones of an idea we came up with right at the start of the writing process for the album, along with fresh inspiration that happened once in the recording studio. Fran from WUCAN graciously added her vocal lines to help surpass our initial vision, so turn it up loud and enjoy.” [via Distorted Sound]

SEVEN BLOOD have released a new music video, The new music video, for the track ‘Killing From The Inside’, is the debut single from the German alternative band. The debut single was produced by Anfy Hartmann, mixed by Dan Weller [ENTER SHIKARI, HOLDING ABSENCE, BURY TOMORROW] and mastered by Dick Beetham. The debut single is based on the experience of witnessing sociopathic behaviour in other people and, in doing so, making vocalist Azaria Nasiri question her own actions, too. ‘Killing From The Inside’s naked openness is apparent from its opening moments, which find Azaria singing: “I hate myself / Confused as hell / Don’t know where it came from / Or, in fact, where it will go.” Those words had begun life a full year before, not even as lyrics but as a pure expression of emotion written in private journals revealing Azaria’s state of mind. “It was tough for me, for sure,” she says about opening up in such a way to new bandmates in their very first practice. “But I felt safe and supported, too.” [via Distorted Sound]

Emotionally charged band OCEANDVST have made a name for themselves with their brutally honest tracks. Their latest offering: ‘Dead End Hope,’ is no different. It combines influences from emo legends like Paramore and My Chemical Romance with the heavier tones of Bring Me The Horizon and Bad Omens, creating an immersive experience for listeners. [via Earmilk]

CHARLOTTE WESSELS has released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Chasing Sunsets’, is taken from the former DELAIN vocalist’s upcoming new album, The Obsession, which is scheduled to be released in September this year, via Napalm Records. Speaking about the new song and its accompanying music video, Wessels shares, “when I released the initial version of ‘Chasing Sunsets’ on Patreon, it was an instant favourite, and it grew so much since then as we worked on it for the album, I can’t wait to share this track with the world! There’s an underlying theme of self-preservation and greed in the song that we visualized in the music video. I’ve never felt so much like we’re living in the Hunger Games where parts of the world continue lavish lifestyles while others suffer complete devastation. We worked with this theme in the music video through an artificial beautiful landscape and styling, all staged in a barren space with burning trees.” [via Distorted Sound]

REDHOOK have released a brand new song. The new song, titled ‘Cannibal’, is the brand new single from the Australian alternative rock band and follows on from their previous singles, ‘Breaking Up With’ and ‘Scream 2’, which were released earlier this year. The new song was produced by Stevie Knight [STAND ATLANTIC] and mixed by James Paul Wisner [UNDEROATH, PARAMORE] and sees a guest appearance from Melbourne metalcore band ALPHA WOLF. Speaking about the new song, vocalist Emmy Mack shares, “I wanted to write a song that felt like NINE INCH NAILS meets WAP. An empowering metal anthem that would help me smash some of the stigma and shame around sex that I felt for a long time after surviving SA. Consensual sex is one of the most awesome things in the world! And we’re beyond grateful to the legends in ALPHA WOLF for backing this vision, for helping us inject more sexual liberation into the world of heavy music, and above all, for conspiring with us to create a horny metal song about oral sex that people can fuck to.” [via Distorted Sound]

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