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Jet City Sports Club: Top 5 Tips For Indie Artists Starting Out

Constructing dreamy indie pop soundscapes is something that Sydney’s Jet City Sports Club are masters of, at this stage of their career.

Quickly winning hearts of new fans in 2022 with releases such as ‘Green Thumb’ and ‘Feeling It All’, the four-piece have returned for 2023 to level things up and broaden their scope, with the release of the shimmering latest track, ‘Drug Store (Waste My Time)’. They have also recently wrapped up a month long tour of Australia supporting STUMPS.

The band have very kindly put together their top 5 tips for indie artists starting out in the music industry. Read it below.

1. Go to heaps of shows and play heaps of shows!
People in the industry say to be selective with shows you take, which we completely agree with. However, when you’re finding your feet and trying to make connections just play heaps and go to heaps of shows! We averaged a show a week for our first year or two haha

2. Get outsider opinions
The best thing we could do early on was work with producers and people who had been in the scene for a while. It’s always good to have someone comb through your work and add pointers.

3. Pay attention to the musical landscape
Keep an ear on Triple J Unearthed, playlists and local radio stations and see what people are vibing and what artists are making. It gives a sense of what’s current and what people are interested in. It also gives you a platform to expand and differentiate your own songs from that.

4. Keep at it
Sometimes you’ll release a song that doesn’t hit the way you want, or play a show that doesn’t go so well. That’s alright. Go again and again and eventually it’ll start snowballing into something awesome.

5. Merch
If you’re serious about it, start making merch early as it’s a great way of getting your name out there and funding projects within the band. If you can’t afford t-shirts for a little while, start with stickers etc. and build up from there.

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