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Photo credit: Shelby Lam

LAVELIN reveals her true self with debut single ‘Blind’

Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Meanjin (Brisbane) / Yugambeh (Gold Coast), Indie Pop artist LAVELIN makes her stunning debut with her single ‘Blind’, today.

With unwavering honesty, she lays bare her soul in both her songwriting and performances, infusing each composition with unforgettable melodies – all of which is found in this debut release.

‘Blind’ is a magnetic track with a moody and ominous undertone adorned with edgy synths and punchy percussion. As LAVELIN’s cool, calm, and collected vocals nimbly glide through skipping melodies, the song unfolds, seamlessly transitioning into a bright, buoyant chorus with honeyed harmonies layering the airy composition. The post-chorus radiates with pulsing energy, driven by the evolving synths and deep bass, while the offhanded refrain “bla bla bla-bla, bla bla bla-bla, blind” resonates, leaving an indelible imprint.

Inspired by a poignant heartbreak, ‘Blind’ delves into the complexities of being in love with someone who doesn’t truly see the depths of one’s essence. The song conveys a profound yearning to be fully known and cherished, juxtaposed with the painful realization of not being seen for who one truly is.

Reflecting on ‘Blind’, LAVELIN shares, “‘Blind’ is a song about being in love with someone who doesn’t see you for who you truly are, but rather for who they want you to be. It was inspired by a tumultuous heartbreak and conveys the deep desire to be fully known and loved, while also acknowledging that one is not. The interpretation of why this happens is left to the listener, as it often is in life. It raises the question of why others don’t hold us in the ways we desire.”

Ultimately, ‘Blind’ is a striking blend of gloomy pop punctuated by a sparkling rebellion and cheek. With a touch of attitude, LAVELIN’s light, agile vocals interwoven with sweetened harmonies, exemplify that longing to be seen and cherished for one’s authentic self.

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