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TRACK BY TRACK: In The Meantime EP by Gorgeous Dykes

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, the experimental-dance duo Gorgeous Dykes is well-positioned to make a dent on the dancefloor with the release of their first self-produced EP.

Written, produced, and mixed by Gorgeous Dykes, with mastering by Angel Marcloid of Fire Toolz, In the Meantime is a soundtrack for women and working-class dreamers who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it.

This latest release explores dealing with depression and isolation, sentiments that have become all too familiar in the wake of the pandemic and economic downturn, ultimately leading towards revelations of self-discovery and reinvention. They incorporate romantic WLW themes in their tracks – after learning how to better rely on one another – a representation that they believe is important and should be made more prominent and available. The lead single, ‘Aine’s Gate,’ embodies this vision with hopeful chord changes and optimistic, yet subtly melancholic lyrics. Watch the video below.

We asked Ana and Lucy to do an in depth track by track breakdown of the EP for us. Read it below.

Aine’s Gate
Like most of our songs, this one came about from an initial jam session between us. We were feeling inspired by some french house/pop and wanted to capture the feeling of permanently being on vacation, which really just stems from our longing to escape the capitalistic hellhole we live in. We wrote it while we were overworked and trapped in a constant grind that was making us extremely tired and unhappy, and wanted to create a kind of magical world we could imagine ourselves in to escape from that feeling. On that note, this song was also our first venture into learning how to mix ourselves due to lack of funding. This forced us to learn on our own and made us better musicians. So in a way, we can thank the brutal cold heart of capitalism for that at least!

When it Hurts
This track is about not letting depression and anxiety get the best of you. Lyrically, this song was inspired by an episode of Star vs the Forces of Evil where one of the main characters, Marco, wanted to use magic to erase his painful memories. He sought the help of an older magical girl who told him that even painful feelings have their worth. We were also playing a lot of VA-11 Hall-A at the time, a cyberpunk bartender simulator video game, while we were cooped up during the height of the pandemic, which also had a strong impact on the composition of this track. We wanted to juxtapose the harsh noise driven bass and grungy guitar with a very pretty, melodically driven bridge that instills a hopefulness into the listener. Kind of like saying, if you get through the initial pain there is something beautiful waiting after, although fleeting. But ultimately, it’s worth feeling.

This song talks about isolation and feeling the weight of your mortality while not being where you want to be, goal-wise. We wanted to do some introspection to find an opportunity to grow while in this period of limbo. We are very spiritual people and turned to that while looking inward. This song underwent a lot of changes, and initially was pretty bare compared to how it sounds now. We reflected our own personal growth into the song by adding new layers, changing the beat around, and messing with the key until things really started to fit.

In Her Space
We wrote this song during the summer after getting inspired by the bass line in “Tonight Is the Night” by Betty Wright. We thought the world could use more WLW songs so this is our contribution. We wanted to create a celestial and dreamy environment as a soundtrack for any lesbians who are on a date and/or wooin’ their special lady.

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