You are currently viewing Gorgeous Dykes release Neptunian ode to resilience: ‘¡No Pasarán!’

Gorgeous Dykes release Neptunian ode to resilience: ‘¡No Pasarán!’

Bursting with defiant energy, Gorgeous Dykes release their latest offering, ‘¡No Pasarán!’ on today. Featuring a dynamic rhythmic foundation flowing beneath ethereal synths, complemented by catchy rhythms, and expertly mastered by Angel Marcloid of Fire-Toolz (known for her innovative soundscapes), the upcoming track presents itself as lush ear candy that packs a punch.

Ana Ayon states, “When you go against the grain – whether it be speaking out against systems you don’t abide by or are just trying to be true to yourself – you’re going to quickly encounter oppositional forces that want to break you and drag you down to rock bottom. And while that place may sound scary, there’s actually something really freeing about being, ‘down there.’ You get to define your own happiness and confidence.” Lucy Bayne adds, “Which you’re gonna need. This song is about grit. With all the rising anti-LGBTQ sentiment and the economy in the gutter, we wanted to create a song that gives our listeners the courage to not go down without a fight. It’s a reminder that we’re here to cause a scene.”

Drawing inspiration from Frost Children, Cowgirl Clue, and LustSick Puppy, Gorgeous Dykes’ sound is distinguished by its funky, polychromatic energy, incorporating elements of house, indie-sleaze, and experimental electronic genres. With ‘¡No Pasarán!,’ they pay homage to the historical role of dance music in resistance, offering a celebration of pride, unity, and bold expression that seeks to contribute thoughtfully to the current music landscape.

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