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Photo credit: Seannie Bryan

A.O. Gerber shares tender new single ‘Only Mystery’

Ahead of the release of her second album Meet Me at the Gloaming, due out October 14 via Father/Daughter Records (US) / Hand In Hive (UK), today Los Angeles based musician A.O. Gerber shares stunning new single and album closer ‘Only Mystery’.

Speaking on the new single, A.O. Gerber says, “I wrote this song about trying to get to know my father in the waning years of his life and grappling with how hard that is — the desire for closeness at odds with the reality of our history. He’s an incredible saxophone player — I grew up eavesdropping on him playing in our living room. Even though we never really connected around music, I have to imagine that had a huge influence on my desire to be a musician. I knew I wanted to have saxophone on this song as a sort of homage to him. Sam Gendel’s eerie and subtly-omnipresent playing is one of my favorite parts of the track.”

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