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Photo credit: Anastasia Metluka

Æ MAK releases new single ‘Low Down’

Art-pop aficionado Æ MAK – aka Aoife McCann – returns with the release of her bewitching EP ABC Side Baby, out now.

Known for creating other-worldly pop music with industrial beats, this latest collection of vignettes are no exception. These songs move through the magic and playfulness of sparkling new love into the deep depths of heartbreak; finding strength and a sense of self again at the lowest of lows. “I’d been listening non stop to Dijon and ML Buch, so the energy in the rhythm and production is definitely influenced by them,” Aoife elaborates.

Talking about the focus track ‘Low Down’, Aoife says, “its about hitting rock bottom after a break-up, almost basking in it, and finding your power again – “but I’m coming back, like the phoenix, outta my blood bath”. I made it in between chain-smoking out the window and lying on my best pals green corduroy couch all summer; until I finally felt some strength creep back in. I wanted the production to have a bit of a Dijon or Frank Ocean feeling mixed with some hyper pop moments”.

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