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Photo credit: Robbie Mullins

Æ Mak returns with new single ‘Shimmer Boy’

Æ Mak aka Aoife McCann shares new single ’Shimmer Boy’ as well as announcing mixtape Berlin out April 21, plus a UK/IRE tour to support the release.

’Shimmer Boy’ has that nostalgic indie sound with lyrics made out of a text message chain. McCann says of the single, “I headed over to Berlin for a couple of months late 2021 and this was the first song I made there. I didn’t have a mic that week so I just recorded the vocals and harmonica with the laptop mic and leaned into that nostalgic indie sound. The lyrics are made up of a stream of texts between me and ‘Shimmer Boy’ himself. The start of a bit of magic. We both live in Berlin now.”

She adds about the video, “The video is really a snapshot of my new life in Berlin, pals and new love and chaos and feeling lost/overwhelmed.”

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