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Photo credit: Julie O'Brien

Ailsha releases new single ‘Sucker’

Pink, punk and perpetually playful, AILSHA sings about the things in life we should all laugh rather than cry about. She is now kicking off 2023 exploring a more punk rock style with the release of her heaviest track to date ‘Sucker’.

“‘Sucker’ is about the emotional hangover of romantically pursuing a crush who was previously a friend and how messy and regretful a situation like that can feel,” explains AILSHA. “I wanted to create a chaotic, fast-paced track that conveys the messiness of the situation, but also showcase my love of rock and video game music. I feel the track is an explosion of a bunch of fun ideas that have been waiting to burst out of me- having always been a rocker at heart, I’m really excited to finally be releasing this kind of music. I’ve found my sound.”

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