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Aisha Badru releases new single ‘Inside’

Aisha Badru unveils a whispering ode to self-love in her stirring new single ‘Inside’, out today.

A piano-based rumination devoted to self-admiration and honouring oneself with kindness, ‘Inside’ comes in collaboration with Badru’s longtime producer Chris Hutchinson, where together the pair make aural magic. The release is joined by the soulful visual directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick, where you’ll witness mesmerising choreography demonstrated by the familiar presence Nyda Kwasowsky (as seen in ‘Lazy River’).

“I remember feeling like the ultimate goal is to find someone who loves you, and then realizing that the ultimate goal is to love yourself,” Badru shares. “Until you love yourself, you won’t really know what true love is.”

Following on from the sultry resonance of ‘Path of Least Resistance’ and gossamer folk-pop ‘Lazy River’, ‘Inside’ is another instalment lifted from Badru’s forthcoming EP – Learning to Love Again out June 2 via Nettwerk.

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