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Photo credit: Jeffery Trapani

Aisha Badru releases new single ‘Path of Least Resistance’

Aisha Badru debuts a sensual side in her soulful new single ‘Path of Least Resistance’, out today via Nettwerk.

The new release, produced by GRAMMY winner Synematik, finds Badru weighing attraction against the fear of being hurt again, or as she says, “being afraid to be poked in that original sore spot.” The way she sings it, you wouldn’t know it. A confidence belies her vocals, which are sultry and knowing.

Known for her earthy voice and inviting aura, Badru again exhibits a delicate take on love and fear; ‘Path of Least Resistance’ facing each of these feelings head-on. Following its gossamer folk-pop sister ‘Lazy River’, the new release drives Badru’s healing process even further, and continues her journey of musical awakening, of which is unveiled in her new EP Learning to Love Again out June 2.

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