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Photo credit: Harvey Pearson

Alex Amor announces new EP and shares new single ‘Bad Tattoo’

Up-and-coming London-based, Glaswegian indie-pop artist Alex Amor announces her new EP The Art Of Letting Go will be released via Young Poet (WOOZE, Khartoum, Conor Albert) on October 14. The EP announcement coincides with the release of new single ‘Bad Tattoo’, a collaboration with Manchester outfit The Deep Blue.

Written with Manchester indie-folk group The Deep Blue who also lend backing vocals to the track, ‘Bad Tattoo’ is a swirling, crystalline account of the aftermath of a relationship turned sour. Possessing an irresistible indie-pop pulse, intertwined with rich lap steel sections and an intricate, spiralling guitar refrain, Alex Amor’s prose are earnest and cutting in equal measure – “Carved our initials on a bathroom wall / So we could last forever / All that’s left is a crossed out heart / We paid the price for pleasure”.

Speaking more on the lyrical inspiration of the new single, Alex said: “‘Bad Tattoo’ was written about a time when I wanted to forget someone. They kept making unwanted appearances in my thoughts across the day: while I was walking home, doing chores, lying in bed awake at night. I find it bizarre how it’s much easier to forget the good times but impossible to forget the bad times. It seems that our worst memories are stored somewhere deep inside of us and as much as I wanted to erase this person from my head, they persisted on my skin like a bad tattoo. Like one of those drunken tattoos you get in Ibiza at 3am and regret for the rest of your life.”

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