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Alexis De la Rocha shares new single & video, ‘Haze’

Alexis de la Rocha is a first-generation Latine artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and synth goddess born and based in Los Angeles. She is perhaps best known as the electrifying front woman of the Los Angeles experimental band, BEATMO, which she co-founded in 2006.

Her latest song, ‘Haze,’ holds her inner reflections, visions, and intimate thoughts. “My music is my soundtrack and interwebbings of my influences of 1980s synthesizers, fantasy, fashion, goth, and dream pop. ‘Haze’ is where I let my childhood play with sounds inspired by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks theme by Angelo Daniel Badalamenti and where synths pay tribute to David Bowie’s instrumentation in the Labyrinth.”

For de la Rocha, the title ‘Haze’ speaks to the cloudiness of the mind when it’s caught in a spell of depression. “It’s about making your way through the fog during those moments when you are not yourself or able to be the version of yourself that you imagined,” she says. “My vocals are haunting, echoing the internal voices that repeat in the mind. Haze is about looking back at those tough moments and finding the beauty in them, learning the lesson, the takeaway, so you can continue forward stronger. Grief and heartache are okay, because you are overcoming the pain. Art and music are spiritual for me and in those moments when I feel overwhelmed, I’m able to find understanding through my creation process and self expression. I’m hoping people are able to connect and find comfort in the sounds.”

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