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AMUNDA releases new single ‘You Walked Away’

AMUNDA, the solo project of Amandah Wilkinson (Bossy Love, Operator Please), has had a storming start to 2022. Following on from her debut single ‘Did You Get That?’, she released the brilliant and bassy ‘Isn’t This What You Want?’ Her third single, the summer-ready club banger, ‘You Walked Away’ is out today.

Despite addressing a collapsing relationship ‘You Walked Away’ is a supremely playful track from AMUNDA, combining elements of dancehall, hyperpop and R&B to terrific, addictive effect.

“This song is about not seeing eye to eye with someone, says Amandah. “It’s about biting your tongue knowing full well that if you were really honest, you would ruin a relationship completely. It also talks about the journey of trying to fight to save something that you think is worth it, but the other person has already walked away, because at the end of the day as much as you can empathise, you can’t relate to how this person is feeling and they don’t want to try and make it work.”

She adds: “It questions if we are really able to be honest with people we are closest to without bruising their ego or doing irreversible damage. How much to do we have to censor ourselves in order to keep the peace?”


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