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TSHA announces new album Sad Girl. Listen to bouncy new single ‘Girls’ feat. Rose Gray

TSHA’s new album Sad Girl — due for release on September 27 on Ninja Tune — contains her most danceable work to date. As shown on recent summer single ‘Sweet Devotion’ with Caroline Byrne, the first track she’s been confidently able to slot between the New York and Chicago house and techno grooves of her acclaimed DJ sets.

It’s a trend that continues with the release of new single ‘Girls’, a proper club anthem “for the girls and gays” to soundtrack messy nights, buoyed up by electro production and an earworm hook sung by Rose Gray: “it’s my body it’s my mind”.

Sad Girl sees TSHA welcome a new era, one where she’s putting her own vocal stamp on tracks and approaching the genres she’s always wanted to, rather than seeking approval from her peers. Beyond showcasing just the euphoric or melancholy sides of her character, TSHA puts it all on display. It’s a body of work that shows it’s OK to be sad, and you can even revel in it – you can’t have the highs without the lows, after all.

It’s the second full-length from the fast-rising UK star, and follows 2022’s debut album, Capricorn Sun, which was built on bright, melodic house foundations, bringing in UK garage and rave sensibilities.

Sad Girl:

  1. Sad Girl (feat. Dan Whitlam)
  2. Girls (feat. Rose Gray)
  3. In The Night
  4. Can’t Dance (feat. Master Peace)
  5. Green
  6. Sweet Devotion (feat. Caroline Byrne)
  7. Lonely Girl
  8. In Bloom (feat. Abi Flynn)
  9. Azaleas (feat. Ingrid Witt)
  10. Take
  11. Drive (feat. Ingrid Witt)
  12. Fight
Photo credit: Nicole Ngai

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