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Annie Taylor return with new single ‘Perfect Pretender’

Annie Taylor, the quartet known for their electrifying performances, is back with a bang: Following their highly acclaimed record Inner Smile, the band is set to drop their latest adrenaline-fueled anthem, ‘Perfect Pretender.’

The song was written on a dark and rainy day in summer. “After a drive through the pouring rain after rehearsal, I sat soaking wet in my unusually dark room and started humming this song”, remembers front singer and guitarist Gini. The song was recorded in Leipzig, while the band had a few days off on their Inner Smile tour and embodies the raw energy of Amyl and the Sniffers or Garbage.

Gini shares, “We had to have Chris Sheldon behind the mix. His work is incredible and he nailed the sound we wanted for this song.” The celebrated Chris Sheldon, renowned for his work with Foo Fighters, infused his signature touch into the track’s mix. The result? An electrifying rendition of ‘Perfect Pretender’ poised to capture the attention of listeners around the world.

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