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Arctic Lake share new single ‘Fool’

Astralwerks has released ‘Fool,’ the new single from Arctic Lake’s forthcoming EP, How Do You Make It Look So Easy. The London-based duo – composed of vocalist Emma Foster and multi-instrumentalist/producer Paul Holliman – wrote the poignant track with Micah Jasper (The Revivalists, Channel Tres), who produced along with Holliman.

“One of my best friends was in a really volatile relationship; over the space of two years I watched her slowly disintegrate. She was worn down by it,” explains Emma Foster. “I started writing the song about that – ‘Eating away at me/ Keep fraying at the edges’ – and then the chorus: ‘I’m a fool to let you break me / I’m a fool to let you change me.’ Then I wrote the pre chorus about loving someone who has a side to them that scares you or makes you question your worth.

She adds, “I think it’s something a lot of us have experienced and that irrational excusing of the bad is something that is hard to see when you’re in it. So ‘Fool’ was born and I love it. Micah and Paul transformed it into a song that makes you want to move, it’s chaotic but there’s power and lightness. Now that my friend is on the other side of it and everyone I know is, it makes the whole thing a complete picture.”

Paul Holliman recalls, “‘Fool‘ came together really quickly at the end of a session – we’d tried three different ideas that day and nothing was working. It was 5:00 p.m. so, in my mind, we were calling it, but Emma wanted to try something else. I started playing the guitar part, Emma had the vocals in about 10 minutes and Micah put a donk on it! So credit to Emma for pushing through because I was very ready to head to the pub instead, and we would never have made this little tune that we ended up really liking.”

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