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Photo credit: Diana Terlemezyan

Arctic Lake share new single ‘Silver Pendant’

Arctic Lake’s Emma Foster and Paul Holliman return with ‘Silver Pendant,’ a luminous celebration of romance. Like their preceding single ‘My Weakness,’ ‘Silver Pendant’ is the ideal soundtrack for musing about, as the duo puts it, “that person who makes you go a bit wobbly in the knees.”

“’Silver Pendant’ is a song based on infatuation. We started writing it together with our friend Will Leong and the lyric you hang me around your neck like a silver pendant came straight into my head and I wrote the first verse,” explains Emma Foster. “In a really strange coincidence, our other co-writer Leah then showed up, and without hearing what we’d written began telling us about this new whirlwind romance she was having and a silver pendant that her new love had given her a few days before… our minds were blown and we then finished the song knowing the universe was on our side. There’s a dark layer in the song that hints at power dynamics and the common issue of insecurity in a relationship. The idea of being worn for show, the feeling of jealousy, the obsession of rereading every message someone has sent… it’s such a fun song but it wouldn’t be us without a little nudge into the shadows.”

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