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Photo credit: Mads Fisker

Astrid Cordes shares bittersweet new single ‘Stop Dreaming’

‘Stop Dreaming’ is the lead single from the much-anticipated new album Hurry Up and Kiss Me While the Baby’s Still Asleep by renowned Danish singer and songwriter Astrid Cordes.

The album is a collection of three different EP’s yet still a coherent body of work, ambitiously growing out of the experience of becoming a mother for the very first time. Written and recorded during a torn time, the songs embrace both the beauty, misery and change that Astrid has been going through resulting in an honest and complex portrait.

“It seems like yesterday, I pulled my beloved idol posters and the luminescent stars off the walls of my teenage bedroom and moved out of my dad’s house. But here I am; happily stuck in a new role and part of life. I found myself reflecting on the success and lives of others, inevitably feeling insecure and losing faith in who I am as an artist and what I can achieve as a human being,”Astrid Cordes tells about facing her new reality and the experience of putting yourself aside for someone else.

“’Stop Dreaming’ is a mental and artistic state of emergency. It’s also kind of a paradox ’cause I’ve never been more creative than I am right now. Inspired by the frustrating emotions I was going through, I sat down by the piano and wrote the song in less than 30 minutes. ‘Stop Dreaming’ is a bittersweet salute to anyone who has felt like giving up on their dreams and goals in life.”

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