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Photo credit: Mads Fisker

Astrid Cordes releases new single ‘Surrender’

Astrid Cordes is ready to share the final part of her widely renowned EP-trilogy. The lead single, ‘Surrender’, is a euphoric alternative pop-journey into the acceptance of reality and a both chaotic yet amazing new life.

“I’ve never experienced anything that activated all my emotions at once before I had a kid,” she says. “Suddenly, everything seems impossible and still completely obvious, beautiful and terrifying. It empowers you, gives strength and makes you more vulnerable than ever – it’s everything and nothing at the same time. Nothing’s what it used to be, however, everything’s the same.”

This is how Astrid Cordes describes her experience of becoming a mother. It was an experience so life changing and inspiring to the Danish singer and songwriter that she bravely wrote songs that embrace both the beauty, misery and change of the torn time Astrid was going through. The result is an honest and complex portrait – a coherent body of work collected as an ambitious EP-trilogy.

“’Surrender’ is about living your life instead of longing for another. If you lose yourself to dreaming, you won’t go anywhere in reality. On the other hand, I believe that if you surrender to reality, no matter how unfair or chaotic it may seem, you’ll find that there’s an actual possibility to grow, play and live – and for dreams to come true,” Astrid continues.

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