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Photo credit: Sarah Midkiff

Atta Boy share new single ‘Spring Seventeen’

LA indie-pop quartet Atta Boy share nostalgia-tinged single ‘Spring Seventeen,’ out everywhere now. Another peek into what’s to come from the band, the gentle track feels like getting lost in a daydream as memories begin to fade into the wind of a new day.

‘Spring Seventeen’ is a smooth, slow tune that captures the parts of nostalgia that are undesired as certain memories begin to fade and change with time. Lead vocalist Eden Brolin softly sings, “Caught in a brief memory / Like a song you get used to / Loosen the grip of reverie / From distractions I’ve been to / I don’t know you like I used to / Already forgetting you” The track explores the idea that memories begin to take on new shapes and spaces in one’s mind when time creates distance from them.

The idea for ‘Spring Seventeen’ began musically a few years ago by guitarist Freddy Reish and after taking a quick liking to it, Brolin added lyrics during a visit to the laundromat. “There’s a really specific memory from high school that just worms its way into my head every once in a while, and I guess started to think about how those images and understanding of events start to shift,” says Brolin. “It doesn’t feel so long ago but the substance of the memory has been sifted like 800 times, so it inevitably feels like a game of telephone that just keeps coming back around to you.”


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