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Cupid Girl releases a new indie pop banger ‘I Drop Everything’

Cupid Girl dives into the indie landscape with courage and emotion. Don’t be fooled by her name as Cupid Girl explores romance’s shadier groves, bursting with energy, vigor and a liberal smattering of tongue-in-cheek swagger – A satirical take on all of love’s labor’s lost!

After taking the time to work from her Oslo-based studio, Cupid Girl now returns in early 2023 with new music, bigger and catchier than ever. Exploring topics of loneliness and frustration in a relationship and the beauty of finding ourselves when we dare to open up to people and love again. Written and Produced alongside Hallvard Bonden (Killer Kid Mozart), the new music also marks the first collaboration between Cupid Girl and Oslo-based record label How I Feel Records.

Cupid Girls says of the new single: “‘I Drop Everything’ is an indie-pop anthem that explores the topic of leaving a toxic relationship. It’s about becoming dependent on another person, feeling like you would sacrifice it all for them. Then follows the hard realization that the passion only goes one way. Once you remove the rose-tinted glasses there is the unfortunate realization that you’ve been in a toxic and emotional unavailable relationship all along.”

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