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Ayelle returns with new single & video ‘What’s The Movie’

Shadowselflove is Part 1 of Ayelle’s debut album, an invitation to identify and see past our illusions and fears, whilst processing and integrating our shadow aspects from a place of curiosity, acceptance and self-compassion. It’s the first half of a two part concept exploring the duality of human experience. Part 2, Higherselflove, will be released in 2024.

Lead single ‘What’s The Movie’ arrives together with a music video shot in Siem Reap (Cambodia) by Heyner Hernandez, during one of the trips around the world Ayelle took while finishing the LP.

Speaking about the writing process behind Shadowselflove, she explains: “I wanted to create a safe space for processing difficult emotions, which is what these songs have been for me. I wrote them during a period of my life where I was doing a lot of shadow work and recognizing tender and weary parts of myself, along with limiting beliefs and things that needed to change in my life. I implemented a lot of changes after writing these songs, and the continuation of this healing journey is chronicled in Part 2 of this exploration, set to release next year.”

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