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Ayelle shares new single ‘Breaking & Healing’

Swedish-Iranian, international nu-R&B songstress Ayelle returns to tug at our heartstrings with ‘Breaking & Healing’- an anthem, an ode, a note to self, full of delicate textures and made unique by her signature, hypnotic vocal style.

The song was written in Stockholm with Kerstin Ljungström (producer) and Amanda Börjeson (co-writer). The artwork is inspired by the queen of cups tarot card, which is about mastering ones emotions.

Speaking about the song, she says: “I wrote ‘Breaking & Healing’ as I was coming to terms with the concept that healing isn’t linear. I was getting frustrated with myself because it felt as if I was always taking one step forward and two steps back. This song became a space for me to channel that frustration into acceptance, and it was the start of a journey towards more self-compassion. Some wounds will resurface and require healing over and over again, and it’s impossible to bubble wrap yourself against further pain. I’d rather lean into it and experience everything fully.”

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