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Better Joy share new single ‘Dead Plants’

Following their debut single ‘Hard To Love’ released in Autumn last year, Manchester based Better Joy have shared their new single ‘Dead Plants’ via new independent label Fader Amp.

An alternative love song that pores over a relationship, ‘Dead Plants’ continues to showcase Better Joy’s addictive fusion of contrast. Balancing brooding lyrical content and distorted shoegaze guitars with a layered melody and jaunty chorus that revels in the bittersweet beauty of love “I love you, but you make it hard to like you”, the track is both life-affirming and nostalgically melancholic. It was mixed by Caesar (Boygenius, Wet Leg, Beach House). The video, directed by Cal McIntyre (The Last Dinner Party), is a deadpan humoured visual set to a woodland backdrop.

Bria says, “’Dead Plants’ explores the complexities of love; when relationships are drying out and you don’t have a lot left to water them with. When they’re one-sided; when you’re at the end of your tether but the love is unconditional, so it’s both a nightmare and equally hard to let go; to accepting and understanding that someone won’t or can’t change. The love isn’t lost, it’s reinvented and re-shaped to cater to our own needs and boundaries.”

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